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Jie & Mei Li Marriage Proposal

What if you have a highly intelligent, exceptionally sharp and sensible girlfriend, how would you go about to propose to her? What if she is able to sense that something fishy is going on with you, and when she finds out, whatever you’ve been planning for might be poured down the drain, from big surprises to no more surprises!

This was a challenge! In order gain zero suspicion and to retain 100% of amazement, Jie and the KFT team came up with a PLAN on PLAN to perfect Jie’s marriage proposal to Mei Li.


收割爱情也需要好的技巧!为了让这样的女朋友完全没有怀疑,得到百分百的惊喜;Jie和KFT团队决定以PLAN on PLAN(计划中的计划)来铺排一场完美求婚。

KEAN & Sheela marriage proposal

We always try to find something new to keep life exciting, discovering unvisited places together or engage in new experiences to create a memorable adventure with your partner.

But what? Bungee jumping perhaps? Skydiving? Be on a private jet? Sail away in a fancy yacht? Or hop on a helicopter ride?

Kean set a casual date with Sheela telling her that they were going to do something unusual. To her surprise, she was invited to Subang Skypark Terminal. Yup, not your usual date location. That’s when our action begun…


笨猪跳、滑伞、登上小型飞机、游艇、热气球甚至直升机等? Kean以登机环游吉隆坡景点为由,邀请了女友来到Subang terminal机场,我们的惊喜求婚之旅就正式启动了。

Lye & Caryn marriage proposal

When two people who are in love, whose career, relationship and age have reached a certain maturity level, what do they look for in a marriage proposal? We put ourselves in Lye and Caryn’s shoes and this was a pretty tough question.

We can’t say for sure how many chances a person miss out in a lifetime, but Lye knows for sure that this is that one opportunity he will never let it pass by. The both of them have gone through so much in their past, but fate had shed some lights on their path to find one another and guided them to take on a second chance.

当一对恋人的事业、感情和年龄都达到成熟的阶段时,他们会讲究怎样的求婚?这个问题是我在为Lye & Caryn策划求婚时最关心的。


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