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TCW Photography

TCW Photography


About Us

Malaysia and Destination Wedding Photographer. I'm glad I have found the miracle in photography. It isn’t only part of my life but has become one of my unchanging beliefs.

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10 Things Happy Couples Do

10 Things Happy Couples Do

created at 03 Jun, 2014
Ever envious of couples who seem forever in love with each other? A healthy relationship is hard work that involves love, trust, mutual understanding and honesty. Everlasting love involves continuous efforts to “work t [...]

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Glad that Ya Hwa and I have chosen you as our wedding photographer, your professionalism and passion towards capturing beautiful moments and images of the whole wedding process simply amaze us. Have pleasure working out the process with you with minimal corrective shots. We do remember that the first time we meet up with you and you mention your direction is more towards capturing a side of “nature” moments. We agreed that you are working towards the right direction.

I absolutely adore that picture you place our wedding band rings on top of the truck, good display of creative and instinct. After the whole process on day 1 is over, you still request to come back for a shot on the truck with the ring on a different background really shows your passion! We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you. Keep up the awesome work! Ya Hwa and me, 4 thumbs up for you! Cheers


Soen Reviewed 14 Nov, 2013

TCW Photography - From start to finish, our experience with you was wonderful. Thank you for capturing our precious children - even though for most of the shoot he was not acting so precious haahaa. You were patient, creative, professional and gave us exactly what we wanted -- A special memory of our children that we will have for a lifetime. Sincerest thanks


Georgia Reviewed 30 Sep, 2013

Tcw, I'm so great that I hav you as my wedding photographer. Your shoot is too lovely and so natural. I have no tension facing your camera. Thanks a lot^^ hope to meet u soon


Visn Reviewed 23 Jan, 2013

As a token of our appreaction for your huge amount of efforts we will like say Thank you with a big loud "applause".

Patience to wait for the best moment to be capture.

Humorous to let everyone of us to wear our smiles at all times.

Creativity to let which picture captured to be unique and special.

Work ethic to fulfill and always giving extra miles services that u deserved to be named as the BEST photoghpher in our hearts.

Thank u for being such a fabulous photographer who has the professionalism that able Hesper and Yi Xiang to captured all these wonderful and beautiful moments.

Tay, Thank u....


Hazel Reviewed 08 Feb, 2010

A testimony from the deepest appreciation takes much thought and time. We have meant to leave a little note here for the longest time. Though somehow, we have never managed to find the right word to reflect fairly on the entire experience.

Chance had a lot to do with it. In the fateful circumstance, the whole experience was a very natural process. With comfort and confidence, we knew we were in great hands.

We didn't worry about lighting or angles. No fancy lingo nor jargon. It was about being in our element, creating our own memory, and trusting him to freeze it forever.

To someone we now call our friend, in his passion, we do see the difference.

All the best in your 5 year plan! Do keep us in it !


Cheryll Reviewed 25 Nov, 2009

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