Black & Gold

Let's start with a safe one. Instead of a white shirt, how about a gold which the hue matches your gold wedding dress. It will complement the entire theme by peeping out through a black blazer or tuxedo. Besides, you can never ever go wrong with black and gold.

Three Musketeers

A three-piece is a great way to amp up his style. You have three to four colours and prints to play with - shirt, vest, blazer and pants. If pastel purple is what you are going for, then he should go for a skyblue or white shirt, a dark purple vest, violet blazer and trousers of a slightly darker purple hue. Even black tuxedo trousers will make a great difference. Apply the same formulae if you have other colours in'll get the idea.

Extraordinarily Memorable

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you should make the best out of it. Scrape the usual and traditional style and go for something a little more unique. Perhaps you've always wanted wedding themes like The Great Gatsby, Egyptian or even Greek. You'll get the chance to play dress-up on your big day without anyone having the rights to judge you and you can make all your guests dress up too. Who knows, maybe Weddings magazine might even feature you in their pages.

Coloured Tuxedo

A black tuxedo with a black lapel is so last century. There are many designers and seamstresses from bridal houses who create tuxedo suits of vibrant colours and patterns to easily match wedding gowns. Choose from a range of black tuxedos with gold, royal blue or champagne coloured lapels; beige, pastel green or indigo tuxedos with classic black lapels; or even coloured tuxedos with matching hues on the lapel such as light and midnight blue with subtle floral long as they go in theme with your gown.

Traditional Morning Ensemble

Button up that shirt, put on that vest, fix up that bowtie and top his look with a morning suit. It's special, and it's classic - it was never out of style so don't worry. If you can, try getting it tailored to his exact body size to gain a modern silhouette and fitting. Though, lose the top hat and the cane or the umbrella. We don't want him looking like Penguin from Batman.

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