You're Engaged! What's Next?

You said YES! Now, what’s next?

Overwhelmed with excitement and happiness, not knowing where to start? Before you start on making endless list of details and narrowing down your preferences and decisions, here are the 7 things that you should look into right after the proposal! 

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Call Your Family & Loved Ones

The FIRST thing to do is informing close family and friends! Pick up that phone and start calling them! And after calling all these important people, whenever you are ready to announce to the world, update your status on Facebook or Twitter!

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Get Your Ring Resized & Insured

If your engagement ring does not fit perfectly, quickly head to the jewellery store to get it resized to get a perfect fit. This may take a few hours up to a few days. Also make sure that the ring is under warranty, just in case!

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Pick a Date

Even if you are unable to decide on a specific date, make it a point to choose a general time frame. This helps your family and friends to schedule their time accordingly and it definitely saves you from the first thing that people will ask, “When is the wedding?”

Additionally, if it is important for religious, cultural or family traditions to pick specific dates, do check with both sides of your family members for suitable dates.

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Budget and Savings Account

It is wise to sit down with each other for a discussion on your current financial status, both you and your family expectations, and draft a spending plan. Next, decide on the amount of money required to achieve this wedding plan. Revise plan if it is not feasible. Finally, open a basic savings account in a bank of your choice and start saving up!

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Plan Your Wedding!

We are most fortunate that living in a tech-savvy world, almost everything is available online! has over 50,000 wedding ideas, a variety of wedding vendors, from photographers, make-up, hair-do, wedding venues, wedding invitation cards, wedding rings, pelamin, hand bouquets, wedding cake ideas, caterersand so many ideas! Drop them an email for enquiries!

Make use of gadgets, apps and social media tools to help you plan for your wedding. Begin with a timeline and calendar, to-do list and reminders on the little details that are part of your wedding plan!

Wedding Blog

Setting up a blog is the quickest way to connect with your friends and families! You may share photos, the engagement story, how the both of you had met, or any wedding details as they unfold. This will not only to provide insights on your relationship, but to pass along specific plans leading up to the big day.

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Preliminary Guest List

Remember to check with both your parents and families on the preliminary list of guests who will be attending the wedding. This list will help you to gauge on the number of guests and the budget for your wedding reception.

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Completing these basic preparatory tasks and steps right after confirmation of your engagement will enable you to be systematically updated with family and friends with regards to the details of your wedding. 

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