Top Grooming Tips for the Groom

Weddings are celebration of the union of two individuals who love each other. It is important that the groom look his absolute best on his wedding day. To all the grooms-to-be out there, now that you have gotten the ring and proposal out of the way, here are a few tips to help look smart and well-groomed on your trip to the door of marriage!

Get Your Suit On

Just as the bride needs time to organise her wedding gown, the groom would also need to start looking into his options at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding day.

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Within this timeframe, you will need to:

  • Search for a fit that suits you and the formality of the wedding,
  • Have it tailored to fit you perfectly,

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  • Find matching suits for your best man,
  • Decide on the needed accessories e.g. shirts, ties or bowties, undershirts, pocket squares, socks, belts, shoes, and cufflinks.

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Discuss with your bride on some details about her wedding look. This will help you to coordinate your outfits will complement each other. For example, if her dress or accessories has red accents, you could work in a red pocket square to match.

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Only rely on salespeople for technical specifics, not the style of your suit. You two may have completely different taste or preferences so it may complicate decision making. However, do consult them on the fit, the quality of the item, the fabrics, the stitching etc. In this respect, you should absolutely rely on them as the trained professionals they are.

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For those who haven’t formed the habit yet, the time has come to start washing your face with a facial wash (not soap bars!), exfoliating once a week, and moisturising every day. This will not only decrease the chances of breakouts, but also give you a healthier and noticeably brighter complexion. It may seem like a difficult routine to follow at first, but it will be worth the effort!

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Refrain from shaving for a couple of days before your wedding. Leaving your skin alone for a short while will result in smoother and far less irritated skin. Have a shave right before you plan to get dressed for the ceremony. If you’re worried about cutting yourself shaving due to wedding jitters, consider going to the barber if you'd like a professional and safer job.


Three months before your wedding, it is advisable to start a simple teeth whitening regime to ensure that you have glittering white smiles on your wedding day. These products is available over the counter from the pharmacy. Alternatively, make an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth checked as part of your pre-marital health screening regime.

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You’ll be greeting and chatting up with your new in-laws so it’s important to have fresh breath all day long. Keep breath mints in your pocket or get your best man to carry them for you.

Healthy Breakfast

On the day of your wedding, have a hearty breakfast and relax! We’ve seen our fair share of videos of grooms having a fainting spell to strongly recommend that grooms should have a good meal before setting out to meet his bride!

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Perfume / Cologne and Flowers

Let your perfume and the scent of flowers fill the air! Do avoid smoking or drinking alcohol before meeting your bride.

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Do you like these tips? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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