Top 7 Simple Bridal Nail Arts for 2014/15


A mix of nail arts and colours for the Hindu bride | Photo by CCC Capturing Moments

Generally, the first thing everyone wants to see when they find out about the moment you have said “I do!” would be theengagement ring! Nowadays, many brides are opting for elaborated and creative decorations. Engagement and wedding day nails have taken on a new trend: it is all about elegance within simplicity, less details as possible, unless your wedding is all about the colours and traditional culture! The PlanYourWedding team has compiled 10 of our favourite picture-perfect bridal nail art for your inspiration. These nail arts are also easy to be done at home!

Lace Nails

These nails are perfect for a lace-themed wedding! All you need are white (or even black) laces, base coat, heavy-duty top coat, and you will have these beautiful lace nails in no time!

Photo by Sandals and Beaches

Pastel Ombre

The ombre trend is still going strong, opt for this gradient goodness for a fashion forward look for your nails as the 21st century bride! You needa toothpick, little sponge and matching pastel coloursfor this design!

Photo by The Nailasaurus

Opt for white to cream ombre to match your wedding gown!

Pinterest photo pinned by It's a Bride's Life

Ombre Variation 

If creating the ombre look on each nail seems a bit daunting to you, try painting on gradual shades of your favourite colour! Paste a little silver stud at the bottom of each nail to show uniformity!

Photo by The Nailasaurus

Heaven of Love

We love the simplicity behind the two little loves that are positioned opposite of each other to decorate the tip of the nails. All you need is a pastel base coat and a nail pen (in complementing yet striking colour). Draw two little love shapes with ends facing each other and fill them in with colour. Finish by filling in the end of the tip with a coat of silver nail polish and top coat. These will definitely last till the end of your honeymoon!

Photo by The Chapter

Flock Nails

For the more daring brides-to-be, this textured look is trendy, different, yet not too over-the-top. All you have to do is paint a base coat, and then dust flocking powder before the polish dries. You canmake your own flocking power by just using a simple ribbon!

Photo by Georgina of the Cupcake's Clothes

French manicure

Pure pink base with bright white tips, the french manicure is back in trend. Opt for this style for a minimalist style and will draw attention to your engagement ring and wedding band! It is so simple that you can evenDIY at home!

Photo by Deviews Production

Photo by Fabulous Moments

Glitter French Tip

Alternatively, give the classic French manicure a festive twist by replacing the white polish with silver flitters!

Photo by Amanda of Natural Mommie

What do you think about these nail designs? What design did you opt for your engagement and wedding? Share with us in the comment below!

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