Top 5 Metal-inspired Bridal Nail Trends

From chic and mysterious, to classy and elegant, metal-inspired nail polish pairs well with most evening gowns. The PlanYourWedding team has compiled top 5 of our favourite metal-inspired nail polish that brides-to-be and bridesmaids could opt for the wedding party!

Photo by Beauty Craze

We have compiled a few general steps and tips on applying a perfect coat of metal nail polish.
  • Firstly, we should carefully prepare our nails with a basic filing in order to produce a smooth surface to avoid having ridges after applying the polish.
  • After filing the nails, be sure to wash your hands with warm water and wipe dry.
  • TIP: We would advise you to skip the base coat, or wait till it COMPLETELY dry before applying the metal nail polish. Sometimes, the semi-dried basecoats will react with the metal nail polish that makes it difficult to have a clean finish.
  • For best results, take in more nail polish at the tip of your brush; apply in three strokes, and avoid going over the same polished area twice.


Photo by The Beauty Department

Chrome & Silver


Photo by Gooses Glitter

Photo by 1 Year of Nail Art


Photo by All Lacquered Up


Photo by Lipglossiping

Metal Purple

Photo by The Crumpet

Photo by The Crumpet


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