Top 10 Romantic Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

First time bridesmaid? If you have been asked to be your best friend or family's bridesmaid and nervous on what hairstyles to wear, fear not! It is imperative to note that being a bridesmaid is more than taking note of the bride's dress train. In fact, it is a huge responsibility that includes attending to various of the bride's needs throughout the wedding, including helping her with smudged make-up, handling her essential items that she needs right away and many more. Therefore, it is important to be in style yet comfortable to be constantly on-the-go to assist the bride as much as we can on her wedding day. With this objective in mind, we have compiled a list of romantic and easy-to-wear hairstyles for bridesmaids to look effortlessly beautiful and at the same time, easy to manage!

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Half Up, Half Down

For a touch of femininity and romance, this hairstyle is perfect for young bridesmaids with shoulder length hair. It’s incredibly easy and fun to style, though if you have to curl your hair beforehand, just set it in place with some hairspray.

Hair style by How2Marry

Loose & Messy Side Braid

Inspired by Katniss Everdeen fromThe Hunger Gamesfilms, this is an effortlessly trendy bridesmaid hairstyle’s perfect for garden-themed weddings. All you have to do is braid your hair and tie it with elastic before amping up the volume by pulling each loop of braid slightly.

Hair Style by Raynis Chow Make Up Studio

French Twist

A classic look at formal events, the French twist is styled by twisting your hair up and tucking pieces at the bottom as you go. To secure the twist in place, use plenty of bobby pins before setting the look with hairspray.

Hair style by Raynis Chow Makeup Studio

Hair style by Mabel Toh Make Up


Curly Updo

Complete your bridesmaid look with a glamorous curly updo! The best part about this hairstyle is that it flatters all face shapes. Depending on the wedding theme, you can even complement this hairstyle with either flowers or glittery hair accessories!

Hair style by Vennice Make Up

Loose Curls

If you want to feel comfortable and confident on your loved one’s wedding day, this casual yet feminine hairstyle is the perfect look for you. All you need is a curling iron for a bit of volume and waves in your hair. Not only will it save you plenty of time, you can pair this look with an equally natural-looking makeup that allows you to glow from within.

Hair style by How2Marry

Half Up Crown Braid

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with shoulder length hair or even those who are growing out their bangs! Its crown braid helps keep your hair away from your forehead, so make sure your makeup is flawless for the camera.

Hair style by Autelier Make Up

Double Braids

For bridesmaids with thick and long hair (lucky girls!), a double braid is essential to keep your hair from falling halfway through the wedding ceremony. Create two braids starting from behind the ears before securing the ends with bobby pins. For a complete bohemian look, add some flowers that match the bride’s bouquet!

Hair style by Raynis Chow Make Up Studio

Hair style by Suz Make Up

Loose Ponytail

Whether you are going for romantic, elegant or chick look, you can never go wrong with a ponytail! This hairstyle is simple yet sweet and best of all, easy to style. For an extra hint of feminine charm, tie the ponytail towards the side and let your hair cascade down to your shoulders.

Hair style by Style Library

Side Braid

If you have time on your hands, show off your long and luscious hair with a side braid! This hairstyle is visually aesthetic at as it gives an elegant look to bridesmaids. Whether you like to have fishtail, French or herringbone braids, the fine detail of this hairstyle is completely up to your comfort level.

Hair style by Ylwmakeuproom

Curly Half Up

Last but not least, add a perfect touch of romance with this stunningly beautiful hairstyle! Exuding casual elegance, this look is created with tangles of curls with high volume tied into a half updo. Finish the look with some accessories like flowers or decorative clips at the back.

Photo by 10 Buck Photo

In conclusion, when making decision on the perfect hairstyle to wear, there are a few things to consider. It’s important to know the preference of the other bridesmaids as there isn’t one hairstyle that works on all hair types and length. Discuss with each other to find a middle point that everyone agrees with, and also make sure the bride is present in the discussion. After all, a wedding is the time for the bride to shine, so you should look your best without stealing the attention away from the main girl!

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