Top 10 Favourite Urban & City Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas

Reminisce your favourite dating spots and eternalise them in your pre-wedding portraits. Discover the streets, skyscrapers and back allies within the hustle and bustle of big cities! While some couples may opt for the countryside or beaches for their engagement photo shoots, these images prove that having your pre-wedding photos taken in the city can be just as magical!


Highways and pedestrian bridges are one of the most interesting spot for pre-wedding photography. We love the serenity of love set within the busy highways of urban cities, especially in the evenings!

Photo by Benj Haisch

Art Walls

The city presents many geometric-inspired urban arts as photography venues for your pre-wedding portraits. Scout for gigantic art walls like this that emphasise a brilliant contrast of you and your partner!

Photo by Edwin Tan Photography

Pedestrian Streets

Add a sense of reality in your pre-wedding portraits. Have it shot in the midst of a busy street with pedestrians and on-lookers to reflect an everyday reality as the backdrop of your happily-ever-after moment!

Photo by Joie Z Bridal Gallery


Good things come in pairs! Mark your love in front of the Petronas Twin Tower, the tallest twin tower in the world!

Photo by Ansonchoi Photography


Back alleys of the cities make the best outdoor urban wedding photography spots! This was taken in Ipoh. The sunlight reflects beautifully on a pool of rain water with a couple under the umbrella. This is creative indeed!

Photo by StarDeer Image


The entrance of subways, LRT stations and pedestrian tunnels are one of our favourite spots for pre-wedding photography in the city. These locations are suitable for symmetrical portraits of love!  

Photo by Micasa Bridal House

Graffiti Walls

Scout for creative Graffiti around the city if you love a trendy and colourful-touch to your pre-wedding photos!

Photo by Esther Gibbons Photography

Highway Structures

Look out for pre-wedding photography spots under large structures of highways and bridges that accentuate the love that you share with each other! 

Photo by Ndrew Photography

Busy Streets

Love on the busy streets! Capture the stillness of love amidst the motions of the vehicles buzzing around.

Photo by Bestian Kelly

The Eiffel Tower

Finally, last but not least – Paris – the city of love. We would not miss this for the world! We love the modern touch with double dose of love in the air, in front of the symbol of love – the Eiffel tower!

Photo by Kurt Ahs


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