Top 10 Favourite Unconventional Engagement Photos

It has become a trend nowadays for outdoor pre-wedding or engagement photo sessions, on top of conventional studio portraits. We have compiled 10 unconventional pre-wedding photos that we feel are quirky and unique. We hope these will get you to think out of the box for your own unconventional wedding portraits!

GLASS HOUSE by How To Marry

We fell in love with this fairy-tale themed photography by one of our vendors, snapped in Sejong City, Korea. It reminds us of the Prince and Princess of the musical box!


WHERE DID WE FIRST MET? by Bestian Kelly Photography

One of the most unusual engagement photo ideas can be obtained from the place where you first met each other! This is not just another photo taken at Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, but it tells a story of how this pair of love birds met each other at this very location a few years ago!


LOVE IS IN THE AIR by Vanness Ong

What better way to show your love than flying in one! Whether you like a Mini or a Beetle, this classic themed pre-wedding photo has definitely caught our eyes by just flying with balloons!


STREET ART by StarDeer Image

Street art is gaining popularity in Malaysia, and Penang definitely houses some of the coolest graffiti walls! This was taken at Lebuh Chulia, one of the most frequented tourist hotspots in Penang! On a busy day, people would line up just a get a shot of this piece of wall art! We suggest taking an evening stroll in the neighbourhood to identify your favourite street arts before photography day!



You don’t have to go so far for a war-themed pre-wedding photography. Our vendors creatively put together scenes from Saving Private Ryan, all here in Malaysia! This is absolutely unconventional, especially for couples who share a love for battle games will love this theme!


UNDER THE SEA OF LOVE by Holladay Photo

Underwater photos are definitely getting more popular among modern couples. As long as your photographer has the right gears, knows where to spot for the best underwater sea creatures and you both aren’t afraid of holding your breaths underwater, this style of photography adds a creative flair to your wedding memory book.


HYPERMARKET by Stories by Integricity

We love this couple’s understated yet unique idea of an engagement photo session at Ben’s Independent Grocer!  If you and your intended are huge foodies and love to cook, head to your local grocery store, grab a trolley and have your photographer snap your crazy adventures!


WAVES by Lucas Ting

Having your engagement photo session taken at the beach is most romantic for us! One of our vendors took it to the next level by merging the bodies of this couple into the waves.  For better and for worse, through the rough seas, till death do us part!



It takes much skills to capture a lightning, just as much as it takes to capture each other’s heart! This elegant photo was caught in Singapore on a stormy evening. This is definitely unconventional for us!


SAKURA IN MALAYSIA by Photographer: New York Bridal City

Last but not least, thankfully we need not travel far to see the Sakuras! This is one of the most romantic wedding photography spots in Penang, especially during blooming season!

Pre-wedding or engagement photography are perfect ways to get comfortable with your wedding photographer and also have fun! We hope you love these unconventional engagement photos to spark more ideas for your own pre-wedding photography. Think out of the box!

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