Tips On Long Lasting Bridal Manicure Affairs

Individual taste and personality are factors to be considered in choosing the type of bridal nail designs for your wedding day. Moving a step further, ourbeauty experts have shared that although it is easier to pick a nail art, the most ignored aspect of bridal beauty are maintenance of bridal manicures! So the wedding fads at PlanYourWedding have spoken to our trusted vendorsfor tips to ensure your wedding manicure looks fresh and untarnished from your wedding day to your post-honeymoon homecoming!

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Prep Early

Firstly, it is important to start consciously caring for your nails. Start at least eight weeks before your wedding for a significant improvement in qualities of your nails and nail bed.

Say Goodbye To Nail-Biting Habits!

Next, no matter how nervous you are, the rule is simple: No biting, chewing, or peeling. Start by creating a regular nail care regime to break the habit.

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Use hand and/or nail moisturizers at least twice daily after washing your hands with mild hand soap. Before going to bed, apply cuticle oil on your nails. These beauty regiments prevent your nails and surrounding skin from drying out. Your nails and skin will not only look suppler, but these protective steps will prevent nail cracks or breakages.

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Bridal Manicure Emergency Kit

Whether you choose to have your nails done professionally or DIY, prepare an Emergency Kit that contains the items below:

  • A bottle of the nail colour used in your bridal manicure for touch-ups.
  • For those using artificial nails, always be prepared with an extra pair of nails with the same design and nail glue.

Designs Matter

If you are not used to fancy nails, avoid designs with too many rhinestones, glitter or sequins. Stay safe with a classic look. Pick a light shimmery nail colour. These will last longer on nails. Additionally, any minor damages on your manicure will be also tend to be less noticeable.

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Additional Tips

Avoid soaking your nails too long prior to your wedding day or during your honeymoon. If soaked or left wet for long period of time, the shape of your nail will be slightly bent, and this may damage your manicure. Gently and carefully pat your hands with a fluffy towel after washing until they are completely dry. For the same reason, also refrain from using strong soaps or chemical products on your hands.

Do you have any tips to share with us on long lasting wedding manicures? Please share with us at the comments section.

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