Tips for Getting Stunning Wedding Videos

We previously mentioned thebenefits of having a videographerat your wedding. During a wedding, while the photographer captures the still shots, the videographer also plays a very important aspect in capturing the unforgettable reactions and emotions in movement; immortalising the occasion in a different way. So while it is really important that you have selected the right videographer with excellent skills, experience and equipment, you and your partner actually play a bigger role than you think in helping him get the best possible videos on your big day.

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Stanley Hang fromWhite Visual Studiohad previously studied videography while at university. During that time, he had a chance to witness a wedding and was so moved by the touching moments during a wedding that he took it personally and decided he wanted to help couples capture one of the most special moments in their life.

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Stanley is especially happy to be able to get the chance to not only witness the love between the couples but the love they receive from friends and family on their big day. He shares with us some helpful steps that might just help you and hubby get the best videos for your big day. Because sometimes it isn’t always about the equipment but about the subject too. In this case, it’s YOU!

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Lighting is Key

Stanley says that light is the talisman of the wedding videographer as it can make or break a video. Brief your videographer about where the locations of the wedding is held and perhaps even allow him to drop by.

• Indoors

Indoor lighting at the ceremony and reception can be tricky because usually it is insufficent and too dark. You can help by pre-arranging with your hotel or restaurant event team to make sure that the lights are not turned down too low and turned up for significant traditional moments such as toasts, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing. 

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• Outdoors

As long as the bride and groom, as well as guests are not under direct sunlight, an outdoor wedding will generally produce much better video footage. Direct sunlight will wash out vibrant colors. Smart use of a shady area or canopy will let help control the light work.

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Get Extra Help

If budget permits, consider hiring a second videographer. This way you’ll be able to get the reactions of both bride and groom. Especially before the groom comes to pick-up the bride and also during the reception ceremony. Two cameras make for a much more interesting video.

Video stills captured by White Visual Studio. Watch the Video HERE

Pre-Wedding Videography

White Visual Studio’s videography style is usually include pre-wedding video shots as well. Stanley meets up with the couple in a more natural everyday setting like having lunch or a cup of coffee and uses this footage to be intergrated in the final video. This will create a more story-like effect to your romantic love story.

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Introduce the Still Photographer

If the photographer and videographer are from separate establishment, make sure to communicate to both of them specific moments which are important to you or if there may be any additional surprises like a dance or the number of speeches. You would not want your videographer to miss out the special moment because it is not going to happen twice!

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Best Wishes

While some may find it a bit boring, one of Stanley’s favourite moments during a wedding ceremony is actually the speech given by friends and relatives of the newlyweds. To encourage a more intimate moment, the videographer can arrange for individual guests and family members to step away in a private area to record their dedication and best wishes to the bride and groom’s future.

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Choose Based On Their Style

Whether it is funky, traditional or romantic, you obviously hired your videographer because of you love the way they present the final video. Do refrain from asking them to shoot in a completely different style that they are unfamiliar with. Not only will they likely not do a good job but more importanly, you will end up feeling unsatisfied with the final output and there are no second takes! So ensure you thoroughly browse their portfolio before making your choice.

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Be Relaxed and Happy!

No matter how nervous you get at your wedding, whether it is the waiting for the groom’s arrival before the tea ceremony or the walk down the aisle or even having to sit on the pelamin for what seems like hours on end; be positive and keep a smile on your face. It’s supposed to be your happiest day, not the saddest.

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According to Stanley, the videographers aim it to capture the moment of natural expression and emotions, so he says that when certain brides get too stressed, it often shows up on camera. 

Video still taken by White Visual Studio

Regardless of your preparation, ultimately, a good videographer should know how to adapt to each individual couple to eventually produce a good video but sometimes a little bit of help can go a long way to making your videos seem almost perfect.

White Visual Studio represents everything a wedding should be; stylish, clean and elegant. The experience Stanley has gathered capturing and preserving the once in a lifetime event of so many couples makes him a suitable choice for a wedding day videographer. To browse more of their videos click the link HERE.



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