Tips to Brighten the Windows to Your Soul

The eyes are the windows to your soul. On your special day when you will look into the eyes of yourfiancé to utter your vows for each other, it is imperative to have the best eye makeups preparation. The wrong choice of cosmetic products or even methods of application for wedding looks may take a toll on the outcome of the photographs and videos. We have compiled a few important eye makeup tips on how to look beautiful and photo-perfect on your wedding day. Do also drop by at our vendors’ pages for more ideas on wedding eye makeups.

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Just as it is important to use foundation before applying makeup, it is equally important to use primer before applying eye shadow as it helps to avoid creases and smudges.

Waterproof Lashes

South East Asia is known to be hot and humid all year long, so using waterproof makeup is essential. Brides will benefit from waterproof mascara as it lasts longer and withstands tears. If it feels too heavy for you, use one coat of regular mascara before applying waterproof mascara.

Make up by Twinkle Bridal Make Up

Soft Line on the Eyes

For a softer and romantic look, choose eyeliners in colours like charcoal, navy, or grey. Black or brown may look too harsh looking, especially if your wedding will be held during the daytime and/or outdoors.

Make up by Ee Shine Make Up

Highlight the Brows

Use a shimmery white or pale coloured eye shadow as a highlighter on your brow bone if you have light skin. If you have a deeper complexion, opt for light peach or vanilla shades.

Make up by Erinleola

Contour Your Eyes

The secret to chiselled eyes is eye contouring. Before applying the eye shadow of your choice, contour, define and shape your eyes with a light tint of brown shade. It gives the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes. 

Make up by Faces by Sudha G

Shade Your Brows

Define your brows with a soft pencil or shadow that matches your hair colour for a natural look. The tip is to cover them just nice so that they are not too sparse or over-drawn.

Make up by Butik Haniza Bridal

Use Eye Drops

If you were unable to get sufficient sleep the night before, use eye drops if your eyes look red or tired before starting on your makeup. Stick with a brand you've used before to avoid irritation, or worse, an allergic reaction!

Make up by Harharah Bridal Gallery

Makeup should work as an enhancement to your natural beauty, not to completely transform you into another person. On the big day, the most important tip here is to not only look your best, but to feel your best. Speak to ourmakeup vendors for more eye makeup ideas. Do you have other eye makeup tips to share with us? Please do so in the comment section below.

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