Money Lessons for Newlyweds

Marriage and money can be quite the mix to deal with for any couple, let alone newlyweds. These two elements bring responsibilities of two individuals into new heights. Most financial advisers suggest that newlyweds develop healthy spending and saving habits early on. Here are the top financial planning tips that married couples can consider:

  • Enumerate financial goals – these goals can pertain to the things you want to achieve as you and your partner start your own family. It can refer to being able to start your own business, purchase a house, invest in stocks, or send your future children to a good school.
  • Start an emergency fund – it is never too early to start an emergency account. It can be very useful in times when a family member becomes sick or when accidents happen. This fund can also act as a backup fund for when you start saving for retirement.
  • Discuss and set financial rules – as you and your partner decide to merge your funds, it is important to set guidelines in spending and tracking your budget. In this way, couples can also minimise quarrels about finances.
  • Seek financial counselling for couples - many newlyweds go to financial counselling to widen their knowledge with regards to their attitude towards spending. Additionally, this type of counseling offers a fresh perspective when dealing with money matters.
  • Practice honesty and work as a team - when dealing with money management as life partners, it is essential to practice transparency. Couples should communicate effectively and start to make financial decisions that will benefit both parties. Educating yourself by reading some useful tips on how to effectively manage assets as a couple would help in developing good spending and saving habits.

Couples will still have to learn a thing or two about one another’s financial habits as time passes. There will be challenges ahead but prudent newlyweds will know how to be able to handle these things in no time.

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