Leap of Faith

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all of the time - Julia Child
Taking that leap of faith into love is an emotional process for many couples. A happy marriage requires hard work, believing that you have found the right person and you love to be with them despite the differences that you face in the decisions made. 
Part of the worries that some brides face is the dilemma of getting the best out of your pre-wedding photography. Therefore, hiring aphotographer and videographer who understands the nature of your relationship is important in the production of perfect wedding portraits. Here are the most important photography tips to consider before hiring a photographer and videographer. The PlanYourWedding team has produced a compilation of photography ideas for your inspiration. This weekend, we have a series of photos of couples "jumping" and taking the leap of faith into a new stage in life. 


Photo by Armand Wedding



Photo by Bridal Artistry



Photo by Pearl Studio

Photo by Audrey Ooi

Photo by Anderson Kalang


Photo by Pearl Studio

Photo by Anderson Kalang


Photo by Amin Hussin

Photo by Kotako

Photo taken by Zakaria Zainal from Adib Mizah's album
Jumping photography requires the magical click at just the right moment. It is advisable to discuss with your photographer on the "type of jumps" that you like for him to be prepared to meet your expectations. Which is your favourite jump? Share with us on the comment section!

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