How To Prepare For an Overseas Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be dressed in a wedding gown. But to be dressed in a wedding gown and then posing in front of some of the most iconic structures in the world would be like adding the icing on top of the cake with a cherry on top!

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If you’re dreaming of having that overseas pre-wedding photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, cruising along the canals of Venice or frolicking amongst the Sakura in Japan, make sure you are prepared mentally, physically and of course financially too!

Photograph taken by Jazz's Wedding Photography

Experienced photographer, Jazz fromJazz's Wedding Photographyshares his experience of overseas pre-wedding photoshoots with and preparation tips for brides who want to have this wonderful experience of exploring new places to take bold and daring wedding shots.

Photograph taken by Jazz's Wedding Photography

Talk To Your Photographer

Which country would you like to travel to for the pre wedding shoot? Once you’ve settled on a country, you should discuss with your photographer the exact locations beforehand. Jazz says it’s important to let him (or her) know your preferences, as they might already have fixed locations. If not, do your research about the locations you’d love to shoot at. How far is one location to another? Perhaps you will need to allocate more days for the shoot? Clarifying this will definitely benefit both you and the photographer!

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Prepare For The Weather

Depending on your destination and photo theme of your choice, do plenty of research on the climate, time difference and also total hours of daylight. With overseas countries, depending on the season you travel in, there are pros and cons. If you go during the summer months, the weather will be more comfortable but there will be heaps of tourists and you may have to visit major tourist hotspots at odd hours if you want to get frames without people filling the background. For winter months, while the natural backdrop may be unique, however because the sun sets earlier, you now have shorter hours of daylight meaning less natural light for daytime shoots!

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Jazz also cautions that couples often forget to pack suitable clothing for the ‘in between’ shots. A coat if it’s cold weather and a pair of comfortable shoes because there will be quite a bit of walking involved. If your photoshoot involves under water shots or it will be by the seaside, a hat and spare clothing will be necessary.

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The Wardrobe

Decide beforehand on your wardrobe theme, then decided if you will to rent or buy. Renting a gown could incur higher cost as you would need to rent it for an extended period of time while you are traveling. Like many photographers,Jazz's Wedding Photographyprovides a completely package when you sign up for their pre wedding overseas photography package which includes gown and suit rental. If you want to make sure you look different, using accessories is a lightweight option. For guys, additional accessories like a hat or clip-on suspenders are an easy way to spruce up a suit. While for the girls, jewellery and some bling are always good!

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Set Expectations and Budget

Know exactly what you are getting when you sign up for a package. This means knowing the terms and conditions of your package. Are there any hidden costs involved? Some packages may include or exclude transportation costs, accommodation and food for yourselves and the crew. The use of certain props during photoshoot may also mean extra fees. So do check thoroughly to ensure you do not exceed your budget.

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Some photography locations selected may have attraction fees. Do factor these in into your overall budget (if it is not included in the package) and prepare enough foreign currency to be used when you visit certain attractions. Alternatively, you may choose to go places that are FOC!

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Setting expectation also means your expectations with the hair, makeup and outfits selected. Try on the wedding dresses and suits before going on the trip to make sure you and hubby are absolutely comfortable with the cutting and design. Jazz says with each customer atJazz's Wedding Photography, they will also have a full test run with the makeup and hairstyle beforehand. It is at this point you should let your hair and makeup artist, know about your preferences. Whether you want something lighter or more natural or a more intricate and elegant up do.

Bridal Makeup and Hairdo by Agnes Yip

Be Comfortable with The Professionals

Do not regard the people who will make you even more beautiful and put you into those visually appealing stances as just hired help who are supposed to bow to your whims and fancies. Make sure you are absolutely comfortable with the professionals you have chosen, as you will be spending days with them in a foreign country.

Makeup by Agnes Yip and photo taken Edwin Tan Photography

For the photographer, you should have gone through their portfolio, are comfortable with what they have produced and have agreed to the rates and packages offered. Jazz says that couples should refrain from diverging too far off from the photographers’ style as it will often result in unsatisfactory work. So get to know their style and prepare yourself - Does the photographer like to use props? Does he have his couples pose in challenging poses? If you’re shy, let your photographer know you are uncomfortable with certain poses in a public area.

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Relax and Enjoy Yourself

The most important note Jazz says is that after all that is said and done, lest not forget the most important people – you! You and your hubby should try to relax and enjoy each others company as according to him, the “stress” can show up on the photos. Understand that if you plan to go to a foreign country, nothing is certain when you are traveling. So just be prepared to be flexible and not get upset when things are not going the way you expect it to. Remember that it is not so much the destination and end result but also about experiencing the process at the same time.

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