How To Avoid Wedding Etiquette Mistakes: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of how to avoid wedding etiquette mistakes. Good wedding etiquette may differ from one culture to another. For a multicultural and multi-ethnic country like Malaysia, it may be challenging to keep up to these etiquette. It is, however, still very important to practice the general guidelines. Here are some wedding etiquette mistakes that we think future brides and grooms should be aware of!Check out Part 1 here!

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No Food for the Team that Runs the Wedding

They are the ones who run and record the show! The photographer, videographer, DJ and band members need food too! Opt for “vendor’s meal” that costs half as much as your guests dinner from your restaurant or even pizza, sandwiches or other meals before the event for them.

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Not Taking the Time to Personally Greet Each Guest

Most newlyweds plan to personally greet and thank guests for attending their wedding at each table. Unfortunately, some never make it to all tables due to time limitation. We recommend acknowledging guests all at once on stage or receiving line before the start of the reception as it saves both time and effort of going table to table for your greets.

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Late & Last-Minute Invitations

Some couples would send out late and last-minute invitations to a back-up list of guests to replace guests who are unable to attend. It would be advisable to confirm attendance by at least 4 to 5 months before the wedding to enable the couple to extend an early invitation to RSVP the back-up list of guests to show their sincerity.


Not Personalising Your Thank-You Cards

Aside from celebrating a union between two people, a wedding is also a gathering of families and friends. Sending a personalised thank you card for their time and effort spent within three months after the wedding will be a wonderful way of showing them appreciation.

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Wedding ceremonies are the time when you and your fiancé are in the spotlight, but that does not mean that you have the green light to neglect the proper wedding etiquette. It is very important to stay humble and appreciative towards those who have taken a lot of effort to attend your special day. Do you know of any wedding etiquette in your culture that is a mandatory practice? Do let us know by leaving a comment below!

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