How To Avoid A Hair-rific Wedding

Be it an updo, a half-updo, braids, romantic curls or a celebrity-inspired hairstyle, every bride wants their hair to be the epitome of perfection on their wedding day. Before you get started on choosing your ideal wedding hair style, here are some general guidelines to ensure you don’t suffer from a bad hair day on the biggest moment of your life.

Vintage Bridal Hairstyle by Mabel Toh



As soon as the wedding date is set, start pinning your favourite styles. Get somewedding hair inspiration and ideas here! This will give you enough time to grow your hair, experiment with shorter styles or even get used to subtle colouring!
Hairstyle by Agnes Yip

Consult A Hair Dresser or Stylist

Consult several salons till you find a stylist who understands your hair type and taste. Bring the compilation of wedding hairdos that you like.


Be honest with your stylist. You should feel comfortable expressing what you do and don’t like, but be open to suggestions as well. Provide as much info as possible about your wedding to the hairdressers– for example, your dress, fabric sample, the flowers, tiara and veil to assist the hair stylist in understanding the look you’re expecting.

Photo by Plan A Production

Pamper your hair

Here are a few tips for shine and beautiful hair on your wedding day. Plan for bi-monthly visits to the salon for trims and treatments two months before the wedding. If you dye your hair frequently, make sure to have a re-dye three weeks before the ceremony for the colour to settle.

Style rehearsal

Have at least one style rehearsal a month before the wedding. This will give you time to make alternative arrangements in case you change your mind. Get a front and back shot of the finished look and share it with your make-up artist to match the styles.

Hairstyle by Mabel Toh Make Up

Book in advance

Once you have confirmed, book your appointment with the hairstylist in advance and find out if there are additional charges, for example having her over at your house in the wee hours of the morning or to have your hair set for the dinner in the evening.

Photo by Emotion in Pictures by Andy Lim


Mission Impossible

Do not expect the impossible out of your hair. If you have a pixie-cropped hair, asking for Kate Middleton’s tresses will be impossible.

Wedding Day Experiment

Avoid experimenting with your hairstyle only on your wedding day. It may not turn out to be your liking.

Hairstyle Do by Dress Up Room

Hair Piece and Accessories

Avoid purchasing hair pieces and accessories too early, at least not until you have spoken to your hair stylist. They may have inputs based on your favoured style and the shape of your face.

Overdo it!

For a clean and tidy look, it is advisable not to overdo in style and accessories. Pick the best combination and check with your stylist on how best to match them all up with the dress, shoes and theme of the wedding.

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