We know you are tired of seeing the traditional black and white on grooms at every wedding you attend and it's great that you want something different for yours. When it comes to dresses and theme colours, you might be more particular in details compared to him, so this is your chance to plan his wardrobe as well by adding more vibrant colours and different types of formal, wedding wear to fit the theme and your dress. We are very sure that he would adore you even more for taking care of the wardrobe department. We have come up with some ideas to help jumpstart the flow your creative juices.

Top Grooming Tips for the Groom

Weddings are celebration of the union of two individuals who love each other. It is important that the groom look his absolute best on his wedding day. To all the grooms-to-be out there, now that you have gotten the ring and proposal out of the way, here are a few tips to help look smart and well-groomed on your trip to the door of marriage!

Trend Alert: Romantic Pink Dresses of 2014/15

When fashion designer Vera Wang debuted her all-pink Fall 2014 Collection at last year’s Bridal Fashion Week, we were instantly awed by how well pink complements with all skin times additional to the elegance kind of femininity. From pale blush to deep rose, the pink wedding dress trend is definitely set to be an ever-popular bridal fashion for modern brides everywhere! Inspired by this trend? Have your own custom designed wedding dress by contacting our vendors.

Trend Alert: Intricate Backs of 2014/15

The back design of a wedding dress is just as important as the front. Selecting the best wedding dress is not an easy task. However, it helps if we have set our minds on several designs that we like and then begin picking our gowns from there. There are several important tips on selecting a wedding dress that once mastered, we will be able to pick our gowns in no time!

25 Unconventional Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are the symbol of everlasting love and commitment to each other. Successful marriages are strengthened by constant efforts in creating excitement and resetting your �shared operational system� each time as things get mundane. What good than to start with a selection of unconventional wedding rings as a reminder to treasure your love and not take each other for granted? For a twist away from the conventional plain gold or platinum wedding bands to wear for the rest of your lives, newlyweds who fancy the unconventional may now surprise each other with these unique wedding rings. If the both of you love designs that are bold and eccentric, here are 25 of the most unique wedding rings that you�ll both love!

Veil You Marry Me: Top 5 Veil Designs For 2014

Each wedding veil comes in so many options and variations in terms of the lengths, edges and materials. This year, we see a trend of two extremes: brides are seen donned in very simple white veils, as well as colourful elaborated veils decorated with rhinestones and sequins. From vintage to modern, we have picked 5 of our favourite veil designs for 2014!

25 Unconventional Engagement Rings

Marriage requires a person to prepare 3 types of "Rings": Engagement ring, Wedding Ring, Enduring! � AnonymousrnrnLooking for a symbol of love that is unconventional � other than the princess-cut white diamond platinum band � that is special and �enduring� for your engagement? If you would love to be modern, bold and eccentric, we have compiled 25 of the most unique engagement rings for him and her that you can pop the question with!

Top Fashion Tips for The Groom

Gone are the days when the groom would only wear a Black Tuxedo under a white buttoned up shirt with matching black pants! The rising trend in new designs and cuts allow grooms to look both classy and unique. Here are some of the top fashion tips for grooms to look great beside their bride on their wedding day!

6 Tips on Wedding Shoes Shopping

You’ve envisioned yourself looking absolutely stunning from head to toe, but have you found a pair of bridal shoes that perfectly match your wedding dress? Finding a pair of wedding shoes to complement your dress may seem like a challenge at times, but it’s also a fun experience. After all, who doesn’t love new shoes? Here are some tips on choosing the ideal pair of bridal shoes and how to wear them like a pro.

6 Tips on Getting a Wedding Dress

With the choices available for selection of wedding dresses, it is definitely not an easy task to pick the best dress. The most important point to consider in deciding for your wedding dress is how comfortable and confident you feel when you are wearing it. You would also need to narrow down your preference and see if it suits your body shape. We have compiled 6 simple rules to follow for a positive and fun experience in shopping for your wedding dress!

How to Clean and Maintain your Wedding & Engagement Rings

One of the best parts of getting married is the bling! Your engagement ring and wedding band are symbols of undying love. However, as long as we want them to last “till death do us part”, with daily wearing wedding bands may overtime be scratched, worn out or fade off. Here are a few simple tips on preserving the bling of your rings that we have for your bridal jewelleries to look as good as new all the time!