The Mehendi Art of Hindu Weddings

Mehendi or Henna is a paste produced from a flowering plant that has a rich history dated back in the 700AD that is traditionally used as a form of decoration for Hindu brides and religious festivals. In modern Indian weddings, a Mehendi artist is hired to draw bridal mehendi art designs typically a day before the wedding. The "Mehendi night" is similar to the Western hen night where the bride's friends will visit her while she gets the bridal mehendi art on. This week Planyourwedding presents to you a series of Hindu wedding ideas that you could include in your wedding too! We have compiled the different intricate patterns of Hindu bridal mehendi art and photography ideas in this article for your inspiration.

Things You Should Know About Photographing an Indian Wedding

Shrouded by the abundance of specific rituals and customary ceremonies, an Indian wedding is known for being not only lavish with a festival type feeling but also being very complicated. Due to this, the work of a wedding photographer becomes much more challenging and unpredictable. An experienced photographer shares with the harrows he and his team has to go through to get acquainted with commonalities so as to not miss any crucial events during an Indian wedding ceremony.

A Guide To Hindu Weddings in Malaysia

Indian weddings in Malaysia are conducted according to Hindu traditions. The colourful festive-like traditional ceremony addresses the social, religious and legal aspects of marriage. It is basically divided into pre-wedding, actual wedding day and post wedding rituals. Rich in unique rituals, Hindu weddings are filled with religious and cultural practices that are carried out with joy and enchantments, in accordance to family preference. In fact, in a multiculturalism setting such as Malaysia, weddings celebrated here differs from their native counterparts due to the addition of domestic rituals and culture. We have compiled a summary of the Hindu weddings as part of a series to cherish each other's culture as multicultural as Malaysia!