Hen Night Rules

Planning for a hen night to celebrate a new phase in life – marriage – for for the bride can be tough! The planning involves inclusion of a range of activities that is hoped to leave an eternal impression for the bride. We have compiled the Dos and Don’ts to celebrate the bride-to-be. These are guided by what is acceptable for her and the invited guests.

5 Energizing Stag Night Out

Conventional stag night out are TRANSFORMING! And dare we say, for the better! Grooms of today and his friends are opting for exiting bonding time with their friends to celebrate the last night of Bachelorhood. We have listed 5 stimulating stag night activities for a memorable and great time with your friends!

Happy Hen Night Sleepover

A “hen night” or “Bachelorette’s Party” is a party by the bride-to-be with her friends. Celebrating this special day with your best friends can be a wonderful bonding experience! Hen night ideas include high tea, cupcake parties or group pampering for the ultimate indulgence. We feel that nothing beats spending the night together though! Here are some tips for a hen night sleepover for a memorable night with your friends!

9 Signs of a Wedding Proposal!

There comes a time in a relationship where you’re sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with the other person. These desires can be felt by both parties. What signs should you keep your eyes open for? If you’re curious, have a look at these tell-tale signs to reveal whether you’ll soon be saying “I do.”