LOOKBOOK: Romantic Cities

If romantic cities are your preferred honeymoon destination, you’ll love classically romantic cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice (though our favourite is, hands down, ‘La Ville-Lumière’ aka Paris!). So, if you plan on travelling to one of these amazing cities for your honeymoon but unsure of what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Featuring both day and night outfits for you & your spouse, you’ll be creating lots of beautiful and unforgettable memories together!


When someone mentions the word ‘honeymoon’, most people would think of far-flung destinations. There is, in fact, no rule dictating that an ideal honeymoon destination requires you to fly across the continent. If you’ve yet to plan for your honeymoon destination, why not plan a roadtrip across Malaysia? Whether it’s up north or down south, roadtrips are not only affordable, but also a great opportunity to discover new attractions, food, and culture in every state.

Romantic Highland Honeymoon Getaway in Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful mountains and hill resorts on Banjaran Titiwangsa and Borneo for a highland honeymoon in Malaysia. It is time for the enchanting walk along the mountain trails into the green luscious forest and a warm English tea while breathing in the chilly clean air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We have compiled the best highland honeymoon locations for you in Malaysia.

5 Types of Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

After all the frenzies in preparing for your wedding, it is time for the much needed getaway to spend time together and relax yourselves. The best honeymoons should incorporate everything you both want and expect – location, atmosphere, activities, accommodation, and of course, romance! From relaxing on a desert island to trekking through lush rainforests in search of exotic wildlife, here are some fantastic honeymoon ideas for every personality.