How To Prepare For an Overseas Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be dressed in a wedding gown. But to be dressed in a wedding gown and then posing in front of some of the most iconic structures in the world would be adding the icing on top of the cake! If you’re dreaming to have an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, make sure you’re prepared mentally, physically and also financially!

Tips for Getting Stunning Wedding Videos

During a wedding, it is really important that you have selected the right videographer to capture the moments and immortalise the occasion. What you may not realise is that you and your partner actually play a bigger role than you think in helping him (or her) get the best possible videos on your big day. Here are some helpful steps that might just help you get the best videos for your big day. Because sometimes it isn’t always about the equipment but about the subject too. In this case, it’s YOU!

7 Best Wedding Photography Preparation Tips

The right photographer is of utmost importance to immortalise your wedding moments. However, while the skills, experience and photography equipment may make or break the photos, you play an extremely important role to assist your photographer to get the best possible shoots. Here are 7 insightful photography tips to ensure that you get the best photos of the day!

6 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Videographer

High quality cinematic wedding videos is one of the wedding must haves that is in the trend recently, especially to preserve memorable candid wedding moments! Many couples have the misconception that it costs a lot to hire a videographer. In fact, all you need to do is research on the packages available that cater for your budget requirements. If you’re on the fence on whether it is necessary to hire a videographer, here a few reasons on are why you should!

Top 10 Favourite Urban & City Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas

Reminisce your favourite dating spots and eternalise them in your pre-wedding portraits. Discover the streets, skyscrapers and back allies within the hustle and bustle of big cities! While some couples may opt for the countryside or beaches for their engagement photo shoots, these images prove that having your pre-wedding photos taken in the city can be just as magical!