Tips for Long Lasting Bridal Pedicure

In this edition, the wedding fads at PlanYourWedding have spoken to our nail art experts on the essential application tips and steps that should be taken during DIY and professionally done manicure and pedicure to ensure that they are long lasting. If you would like to read more on the simple steps that you should practice in taking care of your nails, please read this article on how to get long lasting bridal nail arts.

Top 7 Simple Bridal Nail Arts for 2014/15

Generally, the first thing everyone wants to see when they find out about the moment you have said “I do!” would be the engagement ring! Nowadays, many brides are opting for elaborated and creative decorations The PlanYourWedding team has compiled 10 of our favourite picture-perfect bridal nail art for your inspiration. These nail arts are also easy to be done at home!

Tips On Long Lasting Bridal Manicure Affairs

Individual taste and personality are factors to be considered in choosing the type of bridal nail designs for your wedding day. Moving a step further, our beauty experts have shared that although it is easier to pick a nail art, the most ignored aspect of bridal beauty are maintenance of bridal manicures! So the wedding fads at PlanYourWedding have spoken to our trusted vendors for tips to ensure your wedding manicure looks fresh and untarnished from your wedding day to your post-honeymoon homecoming!