Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for 2014/15

You’ve been busy picking out that dream wedding dress that curves in all the right places, engaging your wedding photographer, making sure the venue is book and the catering is done plus have all the gifts for your guests ready. With most of your energy and resources directed towards finding The Dress and everything else to ensure a smooth reception, sometimes there is simply less time left to consider the rest of the complementary wedding preparations. Hair and make-up is often among those neglected. So we’ve put together a sure-fire guide for some of 2014/15 Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for you to tell your hair and make up artist beforehand!

Gelly Wee fromGelly Wee Makeup Studiois no amateur in the hair and makeup industry. She often puts her customers preference in priority but often imparts her invaluable hair and make-up tips to them as well.

Makeup Trend : The Natural Glow 

It is the year of embracing natural beauty. This is a trend that comes around again and again as it is timeless; it plays up your features without going overboard. “It’s not true that your make-up has to be an inch thick for the photographs. A lot of wedding is done in natural light and if you choose a heavy base, the make-up will look unnatural,” Gelly advises.

Photo taken byGelly Wee Makeup Studio

Photo taken by Gelly Wee Makeup Studio


Sculpted cheeks using highlighter and contouring products bring out the high cheekbones. The cheek colour should look as though you are blushing after receiving a nice compliment from a certain someone special! A subtle reddish-pink complements any skin tone but if you’re fair-skinned, use a lighter touch or tap your blush brush on a tissue before applying.

Photos taken by Gelly Wee Makeup Studio


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. A softer smokey eyes enhanced by light shimmer eye shadow and curtained by long feathery eyelashes with a generous mascara will immediately bring the eyes to life. Ensure that the eyebrows are well defined as it creates a frame for the face.

Photo taken by A Touch of Blush

Photo taken by Autelier Makeup


If you’re moisturising your face, don’t forget to do the same for your lips. You wouldn’t want your lips dry and cakey by the time it has come to that moment to kiss your groom! A satin-y finish lipstick in pale pink shades of nudes, rose pink, blush pink or coral creates a subtle pucker that is in trend for this wedding season.

Photo taken by Makeup by Erinleola

Photo taken by Autelier Makeup

Hair Trend : The Fuss Free Hair

Classic Chignon

The classic chignon has always had a timeless appeal and continues to be the favourite amongst brides. This elegant style is easy to rework to suit a range of wedding themes and bridal styles.

Photo by Gelly Wee Makeup Studio

Simple, naturally styled high chignons with a few loose strands are ideal for a contemporary fuss free bride. Pairing it with some interlaced braids or flowers give a more refined bohemian look.

Photo taken by Mabel Toh Make Up

Braided Beauties

By far the hottest bridal hairstyle of 2014 is that of the humble braid. Brides everywhere are incorporating this striking feature into their luscious manes. The versatility of braids means it can take center stage or be an added plus. The everlasting longevity as a go-to hairstyle ensures you will always look back on your wedding photos fondly.

Photo by Gelly Wee Makeup Studio

Photo by Lynette Tee Makeup

Ultra Glam

The Ultra Glamorous brides are looking to make a statement with their hair. This distinct style can be interpreted in many ways but the perfectly styled hair always makes an impact. Often Glam means channeling the 1920s, old Hollywood and this hairdo is perfect for short and long hair. Gelly says they recommend brides to use a piece of statement accessory to boost this look. They only use Korean sourced and styled accessories for her bridal hairstyles and never recommend a big bouffant!

Photo taken by Gelly Wee Makeup Studio 

Photo taken by Glam Art Gallery

BONUS!: Wedding Photography Trend

In line with the natural makeup, the wedding photography trend is also adopting a more carefree approach to pre-wedding photography. The overall look of the photographs should not be too curated poses but have a couple comfortable in their elements and surroundings.Jsonler Production's portfolio displays his experience in this field.

All Photos taken by JsonLer Production

What is your favourite look for wedding day hair? Perhaps you prefer a more dramatic make-up style? Tell us more in the comments below!


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