Banishing Bad Beauty Habits

Generally, a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Bad beauty habits come in all shapes, sizes, nuances and strains. And all too often, we may not be aware of these bad beauty habits. The first step in banishing bad beauty habits is to identify what exactly are inappropriate. Then, it becomes infinitely easier to identify best practices. Before the happy leap from Ms to Mrs, let’s get rid of bad beauty habits and begin a new life constructing positive ones.

PlanYourWedding has spoken to our expert list ofmake-up artists and hairstyliststo put together a list of the commonest hair and makeup mistakes, including those we shouldn’t, as well as habits that we may not have idea that are more bane than boon.

“Hair-ifying” Habits!

Say goodbye to your tangled “bed hair” and say hello to luscious locks with these easy tips.

Photo by Jeslyn Makeup

Washing Hair with Heated Water

  • Problem: Hot water removes natural oils which leads to dehydrated and frizzy hair
  • Solution: Use lukewarm water and finish with cool or cold water as this closes hair cuticles, seals in moisture and makes your hair shine.

Hair style by Gelly Wee Make Up Studio

Manhandling Wet Hair

  • Problem: Freshly-washed hair is weak and strands can break easily.
  • Solution: Use a wide tooth comb and work from the ends up. Instead of scrubbing vigorously with a towel, gently pat your hair and let it dry loose instead of tying it up.

Overdosing on Products

  • Problem: Continuous overuse of sprays, serums, gels and mousse may weigh down your hair, making it dull and oily.
  • Solution: Ease up on products and allow your locks to breathe again! Use hair products sparingly, if you must. Pay the most attention to the ends of your hair as they tend to be in the sorest need of TLC.

Photo by WeFreeze Photography

Heat Damage

  • Problem: Using hot tools everyday depletes the moisture and strips away protective oils that results in dry, frizzy hair and breakage.
  • Solution: Give your hair the day off at least once a week and use a deep conditioning treatment to replace essential nutrients. Avoid heat tools such as straighteners or curlers, and if you must use them, remember to use heat protection products beforehand.

Using A Dirty Brush

  • Problem: A brush matted with hair is also a breeding ground for bacteria due to oil and product build-up.
  •  Solution: Give your brush a monthly bath in warm water and baking soda or your hair shampoo.

Photo by Chris Beauty Make Up

Face It!

The occasional skin mishap is excusable but if your slip-ups are becoming a norm, it’s time to re-evaluate your rituals. Here are a few beauty regime pointers for better skin before your big day.

Going To Bed With Makeup On

  • Problem: Too tired (or tipsy!) to remove your makeup before going to bed. This clogs pores that leads to dreadful breakouts. On the other hand, eye makeup may irritate the eyes and weaken the lashes.
  • Solution: It is advisable to spend a few minutes following your normal washing routine. However, if you really, really can’t, prepare facial wipes on your bedside table. It only takes a few minutes to remove the make-up.

Using Old Cosmetic products

  • Problem: All cosmetic products have a shelf life of approximately 3 to 5 years. Old products may contain bacteria or are becoming toxic after the shelf life.
  • Solution: Always remember to identify the date of production before purchasing your cosmetic products. Replace your mascara every 3-6 months and other products within 3 years, depending on the expiry date.

Photo by Ylwmakeuproom

Dirty Makeup Brushes

  • Problem: Brushes accumulate bacteria and dirt which is then transferred on to your skin.
  • Solution: Clean brushes once a week using mild shampoo and allow to air dry.

Over Exfoliating

  • Problem: Excessive scrubbing and exfoliation may be the cause to skin sensitive, broken capillaries, leaving whiteheads on the skin.
  • Solution: Use a gentle product and restrict your exfoliation to once a week only.

Photo by Faces by Sudha G

Skimping On Sunscreen

  • Problem: Too much sun causes wrinkles, age spots and raises the risk of skin cancer.
  • Solution: Apply a good amount of SPF products daily to protect your skin against sun damage, even if you’re mostly indoors or the day isn’t sunny as UV rays from the sun tend to be strong in overcast weather too!

Photo by Jazz's Wedding Photography

In conclusion, the first step in having healthy hair and skin is to identify our bad habits of what we have been doing or not doing, followed by establishing good new ones. With enthusiasm and persistence you can may a difference on, it is never too late to change! If you have any tips to share with us, please pen them down at the column section.

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