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5 Important Steps To Combat Wedding Stress

Combatting wedding stress requires mindfulness and being present in every moment to experience the joy of wedding planning. Many brides-to-be may be too overwhelmed with having the best wedding arrangements that too often, it strains the couple too much! At PlanYourWedding, we believe that planning should be joyful! In this article, we have listed five simple steps to overcome wedding stress!

How To Avoid Wedding Etiquette Mistakes: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of how to avoid wedding etiquette mistakes. Good wedding etiquette may differ from one culture to another. For a multicultural and multi-ethnic country like Malaysia, it may be challenging to keep up to these etiquette. It is, however, still very important to practice the general guidelines. Here are some wedding etiquette mistakes that we think future brides and grooms should be aware of!

Best Two Tone Bridesmaid Dresses of 2014/15

Ever wondered which are the best combinations of bridesmaid dresses? Having a theme colour does wonders to the overall atmosphere and feel of a photo on your wedding day. The selection of bridal dresses for your bridesmaids should be almost similar to your wedding theme. Conventionally, bridesmaids dresses are in monotone. Recently, however, dual tones and flower bridesmaids dresses have emerged as a new trend for 2015.

Hen Night Rules

Planning for a hen night to celebrate a new phase in life – marriage – for for the bride can be tough! The planning involves inclusion of a range of activities that is hoped to leave an eternal impression for the bride. We have compiled the Dos and Don’ts to celebrate the bride-to-be. These are guided by what is acceptable for her and the invited guests.

LOOKBOOK: Romantic Cities

If romantic cities are your preferred honeymoon destination, you’ll love classically romantic cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice (though our favourite is, hands down, ‘La Ville-Lumière’ aka Paris!). So, if you plan on travelling to one of these amazing cities for your honeymoon but unsure of what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Featuring both day and night outfits for you & your spouse, you’ll be creating lots of beautiful and unforgettable memories together!


When someone mentions the word ‘honeymoon’, most people would think of far-flung destinations. There is, in fact, no rule dictating that an ideal honeymoon destination requires you to fly across the continent. If you’ve yet to plan for your honeymoon destination, why not plan a roadtrip across Malaysia? Whether it’s up north or down south, roadtrips are not only affordable, but also a great opportunity to discover new attractions, food, and culture in every state.

How To Live Happily Ever After: Part 2

There’s no expert out there who can say for sure what are the exact qualities for a long-lasting and happy marriage. Sometimes, the best thing newlyweds could do is piece together advice from those who have been together through thick and thin, and in sickness and in health. We’ve compiled some of the most common (and wisest) matrimonial advice for you newlyweds in this two part "Happily Ever After" series!

How To Live Happily Ever After: Part 1

There’s no expert out there who can say for sure what are the exact qualities for a long-lasting and happy marriage. Sometimes, the best thing newlyweds could do is piece together advice from those who have been together through thick and thin, and in sickness and in health. We’ve compiled some of the most common (and wisest) matrimonial advice for you newlyweds in this two part "Happily Ever After" series!

Top Grooming Tips for the Groom

Weddings are celebration of the union of two individuals who love each other. It is important that the groom look his absolute best on his wedding day. To all the grooms-to-be out there, now that you have gotten the ring and proposal out of the way, here are a few tips to help look smart and well-groomed on your trip to the door of marriage!

I Love your PRESENCE

Everyone would have seen their fair share of elderly couples strolling hand in hand on a lovely day. The blissfulness of such sight inevitably prompts thoughts of how to work things out at difficult times? We believe a strong relationship is able to withstand the hard times with this simple secret - staying present and loving each other's presence. Here are five ways to help you stay present in your relationship.

LOVE Bug: Volkswagen Vintage Cars

Volkswagen was formed in 1937 and its name translated as meaning the "people's car", sparked by the state-sponsored idea to produce a car that the typical German could afford. The love bugs at PlanYourWedding have caught the Volkswagen flu and decided to reminisce a little seventies in this week's post. Fancy a vintage, retro and classic 70s themed wedding? We have compiled a series of wedding decoration ideas of the VW Camper Van and Beetle for you!

Tips for Long Lasting Bridal Pedicure

In this edition, the wedding fads at PlanYourWedding have spoken to our nail art experts on the essential application tips and steps that should be taken during DIY and professionally done manicure and pedicure to ensure that they are long lasting. If you would like to read more on the simple steps that you should practice in taking care of your nails, please read this article on how to get long lasting bridal nail arts.

Trend Alert: Romantic Pink Dresses of 2014/15

When fashion designer Vera Wang debuted her all-pink Fall 2014 Collection at last year’s Bridal Fashion Week, we were instantly awed by how well pink complements with all skin times additional to the elegance kind of femininity. From pale blush to deep rose, the pink wedding dress trend is definitely set to be an ever-popular bridal fashion for modern brides everywhere! Inspired by this trend? Have your own custom designed wedding dress by contacting our vendors.

Top 13 Essential Bridal Styling Tips

The PlanYourWedding team has consulted our expert list of make-up artists for the best choice of makeup products and application tips for the perfect bridal look. A few weeks ago, we compiled a list of tips to brighten up your eyes. In today’s series, we have a set of check list on our make-up artists’ advice on the dos and don’ts on your wedding day with regards to hair styling and make up.

Colourful Bridesmaid Dresses

Ever wondered which are the best combinations of bridesmaid dresses? Having a theme colour does wonders to the overall atmosphere and feel of a photo on your wedding day. The selection of bridal dresses for your bridesmaids should be almost similar to your wedding theme. It is important to select a colour that has a similar tone or pattern as your wedding to avoid a messy finishing. Today, we have compiled a series of bridesmaids photos for you to gauge and select your favourite colour as your bridesmaids dresses!

Trend Alert: Intricate Backs of 2014/15

The back design of a wedding dress is just as important as the front. Selecting the best wedding dress is not an easy task. However, it helps if we have set our minds on several designs that we like and then begin picking our gowns from there. There are several important tips on selecting a wedding dress that once mastered, we will be able to pick our gowns in no time!

25 Unconventional Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are the symbol of everlasting love and commitment to each other. Successful marriages are strengthened by constant efforts in creating excitement and resetting your �shared operational system� each time as things get mundane. What good than to start with a selection of unconventional wedding rings as a reminder to treasure your love and not take each other for granted? For a twist away from the conventional plain gold or platinum wedding bands to wear for the rest of your lives, newlyweds who fancy the unconventional may now surprise each other with these unique wedding rings. If the both of you love designs that are bold and eccentric, here are 25 of the most unique wedding rings that you�ll both love!

Top 7 Simple Bridal Nail Arts for 2014/15

Generally, the first thing everyone wants to see when they find out about the moment you have said “I do!” would be the engagement ring! Nowadays, many brides are opting for elaborated and creative decorations The PlanYourWedding team has compiled 10 of our favourite picture-perfect bridal nail art for your inspiration. These nail arts are also easy to be done at home!

How To Look Great 1 Day Before Your Wedding

In the previous edition of the “Counting Down” articles, we have looked at various health and beauty long, medium and short term preparations that a bride may engage in as early as 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 1 week to look great before her wedding. The goals to achieve one day before the wedding is to focus on calming your nerves and creating a relaxing environment for yourself.

The Mehendi Art of Hindu Weddings

Mehendi or Henna is a paste produced from a flowering plant that has a rich history dated back in the 700AD that is traditionally used as a form of decoration for Hindu brides and religious festivals. In modern Indian weddings, a Mehendi artist is hired to draw bridal mehendi art designs typically a day before the wedding. The "Mehendi night" is similar to the Western hen night where the bride's friends will visit her while she gets the bridal mehendi art on. This week Planyourwedding presents to you a series of Hindu wedding ideas that you could include in your wedding too! We have compiled the different intricate patterns of Hindu bridal mehendi art and photography ideas in this article for your inspiration.

A Guide To Hindu Weddings in Malaysia

Indian weddings in Malaysia are conducted according to Hindu traditions. The colourful festive-like traditional ceremony addresses the social, religious and legal aspects of marriage. It is basically divided into pre-wedding, actual wedding day and post wedding rituals. Rich in unique rituals, Hindu weddings are filled with religious and cultural practices that are carried out with joy and enchantments, in accordance to family preference. In fact, in a multiculturalism setting such as Malaysia, weddings celebrated here differs from their native counterparts due to the addition of domestic rituals and culture. We have compiled a summary of the Hindu weddings as part of a series to cherish each other's culture as multicultural as Malaysia!

How To Look Great on Your Wedding Day in 1 Week

In this series of article, we are compiling tips on how to look and feel great on your wedding day as early as 6 months before the day! In this week’s article, we will be looking at what to do in terms of beauty care 1 week before the wedding. The key is not to engage in beauty regimens that will cause dramatic changes. Next, it is of utmost importance to keep calm as you enjoy the final countdown to your wedding.rn

How To Look Great on Your Wedding Day in 1 Month

At PlanYourWedding, we love planning! In this series of article, we are compiling tips on how to look and feel great on your wedding day as early as 6 months before the day! Achieving wedding day perfection definitely requires advance planning and preparation. This guide will assist you on a list of tasks to work on to prepare you for your wedding day. Previously, we have compiled a list of health and skincare regimens that brides-to-be should engage as early as 6 months and 3 months before the wedding.rnrnThe clock is ticking! With only a month before the wedding, you will need to be extra aware of your scheduling. From facial care, hair styling, teeth whitening to your diet, counting down one month before your wedding, avoid trying out new regimens that may put you at risk of allergies or a style that may take more than 1 month to change!

Top 10 Romantic Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

First time bridesmaid? If you have been asked to be your best friend or family's bridesmaid and nervous on what hairstyles to wear, fear not! It is imperative to note that being a bridesmaid is more than taking note of the bride's dress train. In fact, it is a huge responsibility that includes attending to various of the bride's needs throughout the wedding, including helping her with smudged make-up, handling her essential items that she needs right away and many more. Therefore, it is important to be in style yet comfortable to be constantly on-the-go to assist the bride as much as we can on her wedding day. With this objective in mind, we have compiled a list of romantic and easy-to-wear hairstyles for bridesmaids to look effortlessly beautiful and at the same time, easy to manage!

How To Look Great on Your Wedding Day in 3 Months

At PlanYourWedding, we love planning! In this series of article, we will compile tips on how to look and feel great on your wedding day as early as 6 months before the day! Achieving wedding day perfection definitely requires advance planning and preparation. This guide will assist you on a list of tasks to work on to prepare you for your wedding day. Previously, we have compiled a list of health and skincare regimens that brides-to-be should engage in 6 months before the wedding.rnrnThree months before the wedding is the time to nail down vital details with regards to your looks on your wedding day, as well as to conduct several test runs to ensure that your wedding looks will turn out perfect as envisioned. With these preparatory steps, you would still have plenty of time to fix them or resort to Plan B if anything goes wrong.

Tips to Brighten the Windows to Your Soul

The eyes are the windows to your soul. On your special day when you will look into the eyes of your fiancé to utter your vows for each other, it is imperative to have the best eye makeups preparation. The wrong choice of cosmetic products or even methods of application for wedding looks may take a toll on the outcome of the photographs and videos. We have compiled a few important eye makeup tips on how to look beautiful and photo-perfect on your wedding day. Do also drop by at our vendors’ pages for more ideas on wedding eye makeups.

Banishing Bad Beauty Habits

Generally, a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Bad beauty habits come in all shapes, sizes, nuances and strains. And all too often, we may not be aware of these bad beauty habits. The first step in banishing bad beauty habits is to identify what exactly are inappropriate. Then, it becomes infinitely easier to identify best practices. Before the happy leap from Ms to Mrs, let’s get rid of bad beauty habits and begin a new life constructing positive ones.rnrnPlanYourWedding has spoken to our expert list of make-up artists and hairstylists to put together a list of the commonest hair and makeup mistakes, including those we shouldn’t, as well as habits that we may not have idea that are more bane than boon.

How To Look Great on Your Wedding Day in 6 Months

At PlanYourWedding, we love planning! In this series of article, we will compile tips on how to look and feel great on your wedding day as early as 6 months before the day! Achieving wedding day perfection definitely requires advance planning and preparation. This guide will assist you on a list of tasks to work on to prepare you for your wedding day. This is the ideal time to focus on your overall health and well-being. Your appearance reflects the state of your body, and getting stressed over wedding plans may lead to beauty woes ranging from acne outbreaks to malnutrition. Therefore, the key is to practice healthy beauty habits with an emphasis on overall health and well-being.

10 Secrets to Eliminate Oily Skin

Do you suffer from oily skin and shudder at the sight of a shiny forehead peppered with blocked pores and acne? Additional to one’s lifestyle and skin care habits, in South East Asia, particularly Malaysia and Singapore, the hot and humid climate and air pollution are the culprits to skin problems.rnrnIn a more positive note however, women with oily skin are less prone to wrinkles or any sign of ageing because the outermost layer of the skin is kept moisturised.rnrnFor brides, keeping your complexion moist is especially important to keep your makeup fresh and long lasting. We have spoken to our list of trusted make-up vendors and compiled top ten remedies for brides with oily skin to look their best on their wedding.

10 Secrets to Eliminate Dry Skin

In this week’s Skincare section, we have consulted our trusted list of vendors on tips to handle dehydrated or dry skin. Most make-up artists expressed that having dry skin makes us look dull and it is also difficult to apply make-up, especially on pre-wedding shooting and the wedding day.rnrnWe suggest that you could take this bonding opportunity to pamper you and your future spouse on a beauty regime together! The effect is best seen if you could pick up these habits at least two months before your wedding.

Romantic Highland Honeymoon Getaway in Malaysia

Immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful mountains and hill resorts on Banjaran Titiwangsa and Borneo for a highland honeymoon in Malaysia. It is time for the enchanting walk along the mountain trails into the green luscious forest and a warm English tea while breathing in the chilly clean air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We have compiled the best highland honeymoon locations for you in Malaysia.

5 Types of Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

After all the frenzies in preparing for your wedding, it is time for the much needed getaway to spend time together and relax yourselves. The best honeymoons should incorporate everything you both want and expect – location, atmosphere, activities, accommodation, and of course, romance! From relaxing on a desert island to trekking through lush rainforests in search of exotic wildlife, here are some fantastic honeymoon ideas for every personality.

Common Mistakes Most Newlyweds Make

Sharing a life together under one roof isn’t always sunshine and rainbows – you’re bound to get into disagreements and emotional friction, whether with each other, extended families or friends. A happy and successful marriage require much effort and a great deal of hard work together. In this article, we have compiled common situations most newlyweds may face and how to overcome them.

5 Tips on Overcoming Post Wedding Blues

After months of endless preparation and arrangements, the wedding is finally over. Some couples may experience post-wedding blues as the reduced in adrenaline rush and excitement overnight may be slightly difficult to cope with. We have compiled some tips for newly-weds to identify and banish post wedding blues. In fact, the fun of a good ol’ marriage has just begun!

Tips On Long Lasting Bridal Manicure Affairs

Individual taste and personality are factors to be considered in choosing the type of bridal nail designs for your wedding day. Moving a step further, our beauty experts have shared that although it is easier to pick a nail art, the most ignored aspect of bridal beauty are maintenance of bridal manicures! So the wedding fads at PlanYourWedding have spoken to our trusted vendors for tips to ensure your wedding manicure looks fresh and untarnished from your wedding day to your post-honeymoon homecoming!

Just Married: Post Wedding Checklist

While we may still be relishing with excitement over the wedding and honeymoon, there are post wedding matters that have to be sorted out eventually and should be taken as part of the wedding planning process as well. Without proper planning, these tasks might turn into troublesome chores! So what are the post wedding to-dos? Here is a quick list to get started on what to accomplish after the wedding.

25 Unconventional Engagement Rings

Marriage requires a person to prepare 3 types of "Rings": Engagement ring, Wedding Ring, Enduring! � AnonymousrnrnLooking for a symbol of love that is unconventional � other than the princess-cut white diamond platinum band � that is special and �enduring� for your engagement? If you would love to be modern, bold and eccentric, we have compiled 25 of the most unique engagement rings for him and her that you can pop the question with!

How To Avoid A Hair-rific Wedding

Be it an updo, a half-updo, braids, romantic curls or the Kate Middleton inspired tresses, every bride wants their hair to be the epitome of perfection on their wedding day. Before you get started on choosing your ideal wedding hair style, here are some general guidelines to ensure you don’t suffer from a bad hair day on the biggest moment of your life.

5 Energizing Stag Night Out

Conventional stag night out are TRANSFORMING! And dare we say, for the better! Grooms of today and his friends are opting for exiting bonding time with their friends to celebrate the last night of Bachelorhood. We have listed 5 stimulating stag night activities for a memorable and great time with your friends!

7 Best Wedding Photography Preparation Tips

The right photographer is of utmost importance to immortalise your wedding moments. However, while the skills, experience and photography equipment may make or break the photos, you play an extremely important role to assist your photographer to get the best possible shoots. Here are 7 insightful photography tips to ensure that you get the best photos of the day!

6 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Videographer

High quality cinematic wedding videos is one of the wedding must haves that is in the trend recently, especially to preserve memorable candid wedding moments! Many couples have the misconception that it costs a lot to hire a videographer. In fact, all you need to do is research on the packages available that cater for your budget requirements. If you’re on the fence on whether it is necessary to hire a videographer, here a few reasons on are why you should!

Happy Hen Night Sleepover

A “hen night” or “Bachelorette’s Party” is a party by the bride-to-be with her friends. Celebrating this special day with your best friends can be a wonderful bonding experience! Hen night ideas include high tea, cupcake parties or group pampering for the ultimate indulgence. We feel that nothing beats spending the night together though! Here are some tips for a hen night sleepover for a memorable night with your friends!

Top Fashion Tips for The Groom

Gone are the days when the groom would only wear a Black Tuxedo under a white buttoned up shirt with matching black pants! The rising trend in new designs and cuts allow grooms to look both classy and unique. Here are some of the top fashion tips for grooms to look great beside their bride on their wedding day!

6 Tips on Wedding Shoes Shopping

You’ve envisioned yourself looking absolutely stunning from head to toe, but have you found a pair of bridal shoes that perfectly match your wedding dress? Finding a pair of wedding shoes to complement your dress may seem like a challenge at times, but it’s also a fun experience. After all, who doesn’t love new shoes? Here are some tips on choosing the ideal pair of bridal shoes and how to wear them like a pro.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

A wedding cake has always been a showcase piece at every wedding, and today, there are countless cake designs and flavours to choose from. With all of these new shapes, sizes and flavours to choose from, how should couples go about choosing “the” wedding cake? Aside from contacting our reputable cake vendors, here are some tips on choosing a cake that suits your personality and wedding theme.rn

6 Tips on Getting a Wedding Dress

With the choices available for selection of wedding dresses, it is definitely not an easy task to pick the best dress. The most important point to consider in deciding for your wedding dress is how comfortable and confident you feel when you are wearing it. You would also need to narrow down your preference and see if it suits your body shape. We have compiled 6 simple rules to follow for a positive and fun experience in shopping for your wedding dress!

10 Wedding Budget DOs and DON'Ts

Planning for an important event such as a wedding isn't quite as simple as trying to pay the minimal amount for every cost. We've come up with 10 fundamental rules to take care of both your long and short-term budget planning. These tips should save us from weeks of worry and stress, and leave us plenty more time to focus on family expectations and the guest lists.

6 Tips to Avoid Wedding Fights

Planning for your wedding can be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have and if not handled properly, it may lead to arguments with those closest to you! It is easy to let even the closest relationships slide when you can’t see past each other’s differences. Here are some tips on how to avoid wedding fights during the planning stage.

5 Types of Guests & How to Manage Them

One of the best strategy to ensure great hospitality is to first identify the different types of guests who will attend your wedding and then formulate strategies to manage them appropriately in order to ensure that the wedding ceremony and reception goes well. Here are 6 types of guests that you may encounter at your wedding and tips on how to manage them.

10 Things a Bride Doesn't Need

While there are essentials and necessities that a bride needs to bring along on her wedding her, such as wet wipes, make-up and safety pins, just in case; forgoing certain items and people from this list will make a big difference to have a hassle free wedding. From painful hangovers to skin disasters, here’s the top ten list of items you can do without on your big day!

The Mixed Marriage Dilemma

Being a multicultural country, Malaysia has a fair share of relationships and marriages of different faiths. It is here where we can truly witness how love knows no boundaries of ethnicity, nationality, religion nor beliefs. Planning an interfaith ceremony can be tricky as couples from different religious and cultural backgrounds especially in combining two sets of traditions that reflects the commitment and common values of the bride, groom and their respective families. Here is a list of considerations in planning for a mixed marriage ceremony.

10 Fun & Affordable Date Night Ideas for the Newly Engaged

Spice up your engagement preparation! Being engaged and planning for your dream wedding means establishing a budget way before deciding on the nitty gritty! However for many couples, this may very well mean forgoing lavish dinners and expensive getaways. We insist that you should still take time off for date nights and have compiled several budget-friendly ideas!

Mixed Marriage: How to Handle the Family?

Inter-racial relationships are not easily accepted by many families. In fact, some families may be downright negative, unpleasant and unsupportive. It is understandable that we may feel hurt by their rejection. However, most concerns may just be rooted in prejudice and fear of a new family member who has a different religion and cultural background. Therefore, taking a proactive and positive stance may make ease the situation for everyone. The key is patience and good communication. Here are some tips on how to handle the reactions of family members who are unsupportive of mixed marriages.

5 Conversations to have Before Marriage

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others” – Anthony Robbins
Communication is the key to a lasting marriage. There are several important issues that couples should discuss before the decision to embark on the journey to establish a family together. Here are the top five tough conversations to have with your intended before walking down the aisle.

How to Clean and Maintain your Wedding & Engagement Rings

One of the best parts of getting married is the bling! Your engagement ring and wedding band are symbols of undying love. However, as long as we want them to last “till death do us part”, with daily wearing wedding bands may overtime be scratched, worn out or fade off. Here are a few simple tips on preserving the bling of your rings that we have for your bridal jewelleries to look as good as new all the time!

9 Signs of a Wedding Proposal!

There comes a time in a relationship where you’re sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with the other person. These desires can be felt by both parties. What signs should you keep your eyes open for? If you’re curious, have a look at these tell-tale signs to reveal whether you’ll soon be saying “I do.”

Top 10 Favourite Urban & City Pre-Wedding Photo Ideas

Reminisce your favourite dating spots and eternalise them in your pre-wedding portraits. Discover the streets, skyscrapers and back allies within the hustle and bustle of big cities! While some couples may opt for the countryside or beaches for their engagement photo shoots, these images prove that having your pre-wedding photos taken in the city can be just as magical!