Lei Tan

Lei Tan

Lei Tan is a wanderlust and a fashion addict. She writes and blogs during her free time. She has a slight obsession for brunch and coffee.

10 Things Happy Couples Do

Ever envious of couples who seem forever in love with each other? A healthy relationship is hard work that involves love, trust, mutual understanding and honesty. Everlasting love involves continuous efforts to “work together to work things out”! Here, we have compiled ten things many happy couples say they practise in their relationships.

10 Unique Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is not only a sweet treat for your guests, but a symbol of divine unity for you and your spouse. Looking for a wedding cake that is matches your wedding theme? Should you decide to move away from the traditional white wedding cakes to explore some unconventional unique wedding cakes of different shapes, sizes, flavours or colours, do consider these wedding cake creations that we have compiled!

10 Unique Ombre Wedding Cakes

Simple yet romantic and elegant, Ombre Wedding Cakes definitely completes your wedding reception. Ombre means �shaded� in French, it refers to the gradual fading colour effect light to dark. Ombre is one of the hottest fashion trends in town, we�ve seen it for almost anything, from hair colouring, pedicure and manicure, as well as dresses! Ombre wedding cakes are beginning to be a trend in Malaysia and there are so many styles to pick from. Pick a style and be the trendsetter by getting one for your big day! Whether you�re opting for the ruffles or flower-themed wedding cakes, these yummy delights will certainly complete your wedding!