9 Signs of a Wedding Proposal!

There comes a time in a relationship where you’re sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with the other person. These desires can be felt by both parties. What signs should you keep your eyes open for? If you’re curious, have a look at these tell-tale signs to reveal whether you’ll soon be saying “I do.” 

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He is constantly using terms like “we” and “our,” and you no longer hear about too many of his night out with the guys at Changkat. Instead, he prefers a more settled lifestyle, spending most weekends with just the two of you.

Certain used-to-be important items like the PS3 or movie posters on the wall have disappeared from his bachelor pad. It could signify the start of a major change in his life of which he making room in his life for you, both physically and emotionally.

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Sudden changes from being a big spender to a big saver, chances are he might be getting rid of unnecessary spending in preparation of a surprise proposal party!

He is no longer fearful of discussions on committing to each other. There is also no longer the discomfort when others pop the question of “When are you tying the knot?” especially during festive seasons when you meet each other’s families and friends.

Has he been complimenting your great ability to accessorise? Has he been eyeing on your jewellery box for more than one occasion? Or holding your hand, trying to figure out the size of your ring finger? Has your favourite ring has gone missing? This could be the work of a proposal-plotting partner.

When he insists on meeting your parents and having you to meet his, it is because being partners is not just about the two of you, but both of your families. If he’s all of a sudden keen to involve you in his family gatherings, or jumps at the chance for a weekend visit with your parents, it’s a sign that he's ready for the next step.

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This counts as a sign that you might not notice! To maintain the element of surprise whilst still giving you a dream proposal, he might seek for moral support from important people in your life, such as your parents, siblings, or best buddies. He might also get a better idea of what you might want in a proposal by talking to your best friends.

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He has asked whether the two of you should move into a more spacious apartment together. Chances are that he values your opinion and want to be involved in decisions that benefit both of you in the long run. This could be a sign he is about to pop the question!

You may want to look out for strayed behaviour! If he's suddenly enthusiastic (and super insistent!) about taking that walk through the park or driving to a place to watch the sunset, he may be setting you up to pop the question.

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Finally, the key word “Impromptu!” This could be the biggest (and most obvious) sign that he is going to propose! Make sure you would dress up at occasions when he makes impromptu plans that involve with much secrecy. It could be a weekend crash trip to Bali, a reservation at a fancy restaurant or a special date at any place that holds a special memory for the both of you.

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After all that hard work and secrecy that your man has gone through, be sure to make it easy on him and say YES! We’d love to hear how your fiancé proposed, so share your experience with us below!


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