8 Switches Every Bride Should Make For a Big Impact with Wedding Decorations

We previously shared with you some secrets to choosing the perfectwedding theme colour but colour is just one part of deciding your overall wedding decorations. How do you make sure your wedding decorations create the right impact on the big day? It’s a fine line between overwhelming and creating the setting you’ve always dreamed off. We spoke to Time Lock Deco, a full service team backed by founder Jasmine Yap who has been proudly coordinating events since 2010. With these years of wedding decorating experience in the bag, they share with Planyourwedding.my how to produce just the right impact with your wedding decorations for that WOW factor.

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Switch… Classic Flowers for Wild Bouquets

Roses or lilies may be classic but if you’re going to the vintage look; add colour, drama and style to your wedding day with a larger than life bouquet. The team atTime Lock Decoalso suggested using some trailing foliage to frame the bridal car instead of boring ‘ol ribbons.

Photo taken by Time Lock Deco

While wildflower bouquets can make a real statement as you walk down the aisle, be sure to be that you take into consideration your overall height and size. Refer to thisbridal bouquet guide. While there are no real rules for this trend – you can simply use a dense armful of flowers, that vary in lengths if you like, or, for a more controlled look, choose a short stemmed hand bouquet but with various wildflowers such as hyacinth, calla lilies and gardenias.

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Switch… Standard Decorations for Personalised Details

We know that most hotels provide standard decorations when you book the venue but you could stamp the wedding dates or couples combined initials on everything from your invitations to table plans and wedding favours. Jasmine from Time Lock Deco often recommends to couple to have their reception table decorated with personal photos and items to make your big day a truly personalised event!

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Switch… The Wedding Album for a Wedding Tree!

Jasmine said that she got the inspiration when she observed most guests at a wedding rarely taking the time to flip through the pages of the wedding album. It felt like such as waste that the bride and groom had such beautiful photos to share but nobody saw them. Thus, she came up with a great way to have all your wedding photos on display - to have it on a wedding tree instead!  

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Switch… Candles for Hanging Fairy Lights

Lighting plays an important roll in setting the right ambience and can completely transform a plain venue into something really spectacular. Using candles in mason jars may give an intimate atmosphere but fairy lights add an extra sparkle to an enchanted theme. Lights are also safer and you don’t need a team to light them one by one and makes for easier cleanup!

Photo taken by Salt & Pepper

Photo taken by Paper and Color

Switch… The Cameraman for a Photobooth

Photobooths have become incredibly popular at weddings. Your official photographer no longer needs to go from table to table ensuring he gets every single guest in a formal photo. Furthermore, with silly props on hand, the photobooths provide hours of fun for your guests and a quirky means of documenting the evening. As an added bonus, your guests will be able to take their prints home immediately as keepsakes.

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Even the bride and groom can get in on the fun!

Photo taken by Asuka Decor

Switch… The Alcohol Bar for The Candy Bar

Alcohol is expensive (and not to mention, not allowed at Muslim weddings)! An interactive candy bar is a great way to keep your guests entertained as they decide on which sweets they want to pack and take home. Fill mason jars with yummy sweets such as marshmallows, sour tapes and gummies.

For a more nostalgic feeling,Time Lock Decohosted a wedding where the couple requested for various types of sweets from their Malaysian childhood days.


Photo taken byTime Lock Deco

Switch… Massive Cake Towers for Delicate Ombre Cakes

While most couples know that the cake is one of the main the emphasis of the wedding décor, gone are the days of the multi-tiered wedding cake as tall as the couples themselves. You could instead opt for a delicious ombre cake that is tantalizing just to look at. Of course we’d eventually eat it too…

Photo taken by Pearl Cakes & Events

Switch… Buntings for Ribbons

Buntings, a vintage wedding staple that has been around for yonks’ and needs a stylish update for 2015! Switch to ribbons for a more contemporary look. Creating a light and breezy feeling to any wedding. 

Photo taken by Moon's Homemade Chocolate & Bakery

Ribbon chair backs can also be use to replace to the look of full chair covers which can be a little too heavy for your wedding event. The more strands of ribbons, the more dense the look so you can do whatever looks best in your reception room. Just make sure you or your decoration team have yourselves enough time to tie them all!

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If you’re looking for a team to make sure all the loose edges are tied, look no further than Time Lock Deco. From idea conception to clean up and all the nitty gritty details in between, they want to help you plan and create every moment and details of your special day true to the reflection of your personality, style and vision.

Photo taken by Time Lock Deco

Not only bringing fresh ideas to the table, choosingTime Lock Decoalso means that any couple can relax as your special day is being managed by a professional team. They offer free consultation to learn how they can best help you create your dream day and eliminate the anxiety, making your big day a much more memorable event filled with romance & happiness.

 For more information on Time Lock Deco's beautiful wedding decorations clickHERE.

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