7 Secrets to Buying a Wedding Dress Online

Enlisting the help of online stores for your dream wedding dress is no longer the risky venture it used to be. If you’re on a rather tight budget, buying a dress online is one way to reduce your wedding cost. Here’s our advice on how to invest in a dress you love for less without falling into an emotionalandfinancial pitfall.

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Know Your Dress Style

This may take some amount of research, but knowing which styles suit your body shape and personality is a good start. Generally, wedding dresses can be grouped into these 4 main categories: A-line, trumpet/mermaid, sheath/column or ball gowns. Whether it’s via Pinterest, Tumblr,Planyourwedding, or a combination of all three, look for dress styles online until you have found ‘the perfect one’.

R.O.M Dress by Voila

Get Yourself Measured

It’s important to get properly measured. Visit several tailors to have your measurement taken and written down before you start looking. These measurements may be in centimetres (cm), metres (m) or inches. Take note that not all designers use the same set of measurements, especially if you’re purchasing a dress from an international online store. In this case, a size 8 wedding dress may be closer to a UK high street size 10 and a US high street size 4 or 6. Taking these into consideration, you may need to hire a tailor to alter your wedding dress if the size does not fit perfectly.

Wedding Gown by E&L Wedding

Consider the Disadvantages

The main disadvantages of buying a wedding dress online compared to a physical store is that you will be unable to touch the fabric or try on the gown before ordering. What is displayed online may differ from your expectation. If the detailing on your wedding dress, such as embroidery is not your main concern, this would be a great way to reduce your budget and yet still own a wedding dress!

Evening Gown by Eva Rose Gowns

Read the Small Print Carefully

It is important that you read the shipping, exchanges, returns and refunds policies before ordering. It is advisable to allocate a timeframe of at least a couple of months before the wedding for postage, exchanges, dress fittings and adjustments. Some online vendors allow return of the dress if you’re not satisfied with it, but may charge a fee. You might also have to pay for your own postage to return the dress. If you’ve ordered a custom made dress, return or exchange is impossible. These are some of the considerations that you have to make before clicking the “Purchase” button.

Find a Dressmaker

It is advisable to get a dressmaker or tailor who is experienced in tailoring wedding dresses. You might have to make adjustments to your dress to make sure it fits just right. As some tailors do not alter wedding dresses, it is a good idea to scout for a reputable dressmaker whom you trust, with plenty of experience in tailoring wedding gowns. Again, make sure you allocate some time before the wedding for this very reason.

Traditional Wedding Gown by Nthiran Krishnan Couture

Be Careful

If you love a designer gown but can’t afford the hefty price tag, you may try to find a duplicate online. However, be very cautious about buying from overseas dress makers who show an image of a designer gown and claim it is an exact replica for a lot less. In this case, we would advise that you look out for trusted online vendors or perhaps discuss with a local vendor who may be able to source for the dress that you like. There are many suchwedding vendors listed on planyourwedding.my!

Where to Look

For local stores, do check out ourwedding dress vendors for your dream wedding dress! Foreign websites like Etsy (great place for custom made wedding dresses) and BHLDNhas some of our favourite wedding dresses of all time. Before buying from foreign websites, do check if they ship to Malaysia.

Traditional Wedding Gown by Liang Yuan Trading & Service

While many brides-to-be still have some qualms about purchasing their wedding dress online, it may very well work for those on a tight budget. As long as you do your research and take the necessary precautions, you may just find your dream wedding dress with just a click of a button! Tell us about your experience of purchasing online dresses below!

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