7 Best Wedding Photography Preparation Tips

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The right photographer is of utmost importance to immortalise your wedding moments. However, while the skills, experience and photography equipment may make or break the photos, you play an extremely important role to assist your photographer to get the best possible shoots. Here are 7 insightful photography tips to ensure that you get the best photos of the day!

Pick a Good Wedding Location

Picking a good location is key to good photography. It means that you should select a place with soft and sufficient lighting or a venue where it is fairly easy to set up good lightings by using photography equipment. As part of your wedding preparation, arrange for a session with your photographer to visit the location of your choice before the event. Having an outdoor wedding is great, but it may be tricky to photograph in the early mornings. A wonderful idea is set up the seating under the trees, so that the light is soft and filtered. Discuss thoroughly with your photographer of choice on the settings needed to get the best wedding photos!

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Preparation Room

Make sure that you have a tidy, clean and spacious room that is designated for you to get ready, i.e. to change into your wedding gown, makeups and hairdos. Getting ready is the foremost important step to create wonderful imagery. Additionally, the excitement, anticipation, and tearful moment can also be captured during your preparation. Keep the location as tidy as possible for your preparation photos to be taken, a quick clean-up can make a lot of difference.

Lighting is Key

Lighting will make or break a photo. Generally, photographers will tend to avoid weddings held during afternoons under the scorching hot sun and at nights where it is difficult to set up lighting equipment.  However, it really depends on where the wedding is held.

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Be Relaxed and Happy

No matter how nervous you get on your wedding awaiting the groom’s arrival or the walk down the aisle, be positive, stay calm and keep a smile on your face!

Get Extra Help

Have more than one roaming photographers. Before your booking, be upfront with your hired photographer that you will have a semi-pro or amateur photographer friend to work around him or her. Having an amateur photographer to back up is especially great if you don’t have the budget for more than one photographer.

Have a List, but Do Not Limit Your Photographer

Taking family photos can be challenging and tough. Providing your photographer with a list of family members and at the same time assigning a Floor Manager to help you makes it easier for this task to be carried out. Also, allow your photographer the freedom to shoot candid moments and other details.

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Choose Your Photographer Based On Their Style

Generally, the most profound factor when hiring a photographer is because we are fond of the way they frame images, i.e. their styles of post-processing. Some couples make the difficult demand of getting photographers to shoot in styles that they are unfamiliar with, for example shooting in HD on the cliff of a mountain with limited photography gadgets. Unfortunately, this may lead to amateurish photos. So, always make sure that you have a thorough discussion with your potential photographer on your expectations and whether they can be met before finalising on the hire.

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Ultimately, a good photographer will take good photos, but sometimes a little bit of help can go a long way to making your photos even more special. Start researching on our website for yourwedding photographertoday.

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