6 Tips on Wedding Shoes Shopping

You’ve envisioned yourself looking absolutely stunning from head to toe, but have you found a pair of bridal shoes that perfectly match your wedding dress? Finding a pair of wedding shoes to complement your dress may seem like a challenge at times, but it’s also a fun experience. After all, who doesn’t love new shoes? Here are some tips on choosing the ideal pair of bridal shoes and how to wear them like a pro.

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Comfort is Key

Your wedding is going to be an all-day affair, so you need to consider what shoes will work for your wedding setting. If you're getting married on the beach, skinny heels are definitely out of the questions, and if you'll be walking around for your post-ceremony pictures, you need to avoid shoes that could send you tumbling into a nasty fall.

To be on the safe side, many brides would opt to have two to three pairs of shoes on their wedding day, ranging from high heels to ballet flats, to suit the situation. It is advisable to walk around in the shoes you’ve chosen before the event to be familiar with how you can move around.

Match the Wedding Theme

If you’re truly clueless about what shoes to wear for the big day, look no further than your very own wedding theme. If it’s going to be an elegant black tie affair, casual loafers probably aren't the best choice. Make sure your shoes match the elegance and overall feel of your wedding. Here are additional tips for your consideration.

  • Select shoes that match an accent colour. For example, if your wedding bouquet is primarily red, pairing it with red shoes will produce great photos;
  • Choose a fabric that matches your wedding theme. For a vintage-style wedding, try elegant laces, while for a formal affair try on a pair of heels with rhinestones.

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Match Your Gown

Generally, white goes with every colour, so be bold in experimenting with a vibrant pop of colours. However, apart from colours, when you match your shoes to your dress, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Avoid differing fabric textures for your dress and heels, for example a taffeta dress does not go well with a lacy pair of heels. The fabric of your dress and heels should not differ too much in terms of fabric texture;
  • If you’re opting for a shorter wedding dress, pair it with higher heels for a well-proportioned outlook;
  • A few days before the wedding, try on your heels and dress to avoid tripping over the fabric or dragging the hem on the ground.

Take Your Time

Allocate ample time to choose your heels so that you're not rushed into a decision at the last moment. Firstly, look through online stores, or our list of wedding shoe vendors) for ideas, secondly keep pin boards or a wish list of heels that you like, and finally narrow down your choices as the big day approaches. Make your purchase at least one month before the wedding day.

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Be Extra Careful

If you’ve opted for beautifully rhinestone-embellished heels, be sure that they won’t end up as a trap for the delicate lace on the hem of your dress. You wouldn’t want to ruin your dress, nor trip as you walk down the aisle!


The last thing we would want upon discovering the perfect wedding heels is blisters! It is advisable to practice strutting in your heels weeks before the wedding in order to familiarise yourself and to observe if the edges of the heels will give you blisters. Here are some tips to avoid blisters.

  •   Get good cushioning from your local drug store or pharmacies;
  •   Be prepared with Vaseline and rub at the area where there are blisters on your foot to reduce friction.

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Finding the perfect pair of wedding heels might take some time, but with patience and practise, you’ll be strutting down the aisle with ease and dancing the night away gracefully with your husband. For more wedding heels ideas, browse through Plan Your Weddingshoe vendorsto start picking your favourite pair of wedding heels.

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