6 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring


Wedding rings are the sacred symbolism of the divine unity of your love and marriage. As both of you will be wearing your wedding rings for the rest of your life, we have placed together several aspects as a guide to be considered when you are getting your wedding rings.

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Meet Your Match

Although it's not a definite rule to follow, it looks best to match metal types if the bride’s wedding band will be worn alongside her engagement ring.

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Carve Your Love

As a unique trait, consider engraving your wedding bands. It’s romantic, personal and serves as a reminder of the rings’ significance in the years to come. Generally, popular engravings consist of three-word messages, nicknames, and your wedding date.

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Comfortable As an Old Shoe

Grooms should especially take note of this. As most men are not accustomed to wearing jewellery, it’s important that the wedding ring doesn’t feel too wide or look too gaudy for their taste. Grooms, pick a comfortable fit! Brides, if you are planning on wearing it with your engagement ring, ensure that the wedding band complements the size and style of the engagement ring.

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They Don’t Have To Be Twins

Although many couples have identical wedding bands, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. It’s completely up to the couple’s preference, though many brides often prefer a thinner and more delicate band than grooms.

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Simplicity Lasts Forever

Stick with a basic shape and a clean finish, and avoid unusual stones. Simplicity matches all outfit and occasions. Alternatively, consider to get mix metals type of wedding bands, which is currently the trendy design, if you love wearing both gold and silver on a day-to-day basis.

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Remember the 5Cs

Carat is important when it comes to quality wedding rings.

  • The carat of a diamond refers to its weight.
  • One carat is one fifth of a gram (200 milligrams).
  • One ounce consists of 142 carats.
  • One carat has 100 points.

Clarity is important when buying diamond wedding rings.

  • Naturally occurring bubbles, inner cracks, and specks affect a diamond's clarity.
  • A flawless diamond (FL) is given the highest rating. These are rare though.
  • The least desirable rating is ‘imperfect’.
  • Size and placement of the naturally occurring blemishes determines rating.

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Cut is the difference between low grade and "a cut above" wedding rings.

  • Cut is the feature that gives a diamond its sparkle.
  • Cut refers to the faceted flat angled surfaces created when cutting a diamond.
  • Too many cuts reduce the quality of the diamond and its ability to reflect or refract light.

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Colour decides the colour of your life, or at least the wedding band you'll wear for a lifetime.

  • The highest colour ranking is D. This is a clear and colourless diamond.
  • Z is the lowest colour ranking. This is a yellow diamond.
  • Yellow, red, pink, orange, amber, violet, and blue are all common colours.
  • Naturally occurring coloured diamonds are referred to as ‘fancies’.

Certification guarantees quality wedding bands that will last.

  • Diamonds should come with written proof of their weight, grade and identifying characteristics.
  • Certification should be given by the International Gemmological Institute.

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The most important rule is to choose wedding rings that both you and your partner are happy with. Don't be swayed by other people's choices. However, do ask around and browse through jewellery stores, in magazines and online for inspiration. Like your marriage, a wedding ring is yours for life.


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