6 Reasons to Hire A Wedding Videographer

High quality cinematic wedding videos is one of the wedding must haves that is in the trend recently, especially to preserve memorable candid wedding moments! Many couples have the misconception that it costs a lot to hire a videographer. In fact, all you need to do is research on the packages available that cater for your budget requirements. If you’re on the fence on whether it is necessary to hire a videographer, here a few reasons on are why you should!  

Preserving the Past for the Future

Videos bring storytelling to life! Instead of browsing through wedding photos while telling stories to your friends, children or grandchildren, playing your wedding video could instantly bring you back into that special memory. It also keeps that precious memory alive for you and your spouse.

Still shot by WorkzVisual Video Productions

Highlights of the Day

Videography comes in many editing options to enable you to share your wedding day with those who weren’t there with you. Most videographers provide the option to edit and include special highlights of your wedding, no more than a few minutes long!

Still Shots Are Available

A professional videographer will have photo shooting equipment to provide high-quality stills from your video. This will enable you to specifically select your favourite still frame!

Still shot by Momento Design Studio

Memories Are Fleeting

If there is one thing to describe a wedding, it is the fact it rushes by so fast! Months of planning and it’s over in one day. Many couples say they regret having a chance to re-live it all, at their own pace. However, with video footages of your wedding, you may even arrange for a night in and watch the moments that you’ve missed!

Still shot by Nigel Sia

Special Messages

One of the best aspects of videography is the option to record and view special greetings and messages by friends and family, most of whom you would not have the privilege to spend more time with on your wedding day. Videography enables them to record these personal messages for you.

Picking The Right Videographer

Picking the right videographer is like deciding whether you like a movie or not! There are a few things to look out for. When viewing video samples, assess the quality of picture and sound. Firstly, pay attention to steadiness, crispness, lighting, focus, contrast, and how well the subjects are framed. Secondly, concentrate on the clarity of sounds and words spoken, as well as how well any music is incorporated into the video.

Still shot by Jsonler Production

Visual footage of your wedding day is worth the investment, whilst considering value for money. If you choose the right videographer, you’d be glad that the happiest day of your life is captured on film forever. Here is a list ofwedding videographers that are part of our list of wedding vendors. Share with us your experience in selecting for a wedding videographer at the comment section below.

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