5 Important Steps To Combat Wedding Stress

Combatting wedding stress requires mindfulness and being present in every moment to experience the joy of wedding planning. Many brides-to-be may be too overwhelmed with having the best wedding arrangements that too often, it strains the couple too much! At PlanYourWedding, we believe that planning should be joyful! In this article, we have listed five simple steps to overcome wedding stress!

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Step 1: The Bigger Picture

Many brides are too overwhelmed with the small details of her wedding that it may cause panic and anxiety. It is important to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. We should constantly shift back to be mindful that the wedding ceremony is an event that signifies the commemoration of your commitment for each other. Getting anxious over whether you have picked the right dress would not enable you to enjoy the enlightening moment of submitting yourselves to each other for a better future! So sit back and relax- focus on the bigger picture!

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Step 2: Take a Break

Busy brides are prone to "bridal fatique" that reduces her capacity to effectively decide on the details of her wedding. It requires a good amount of concentration to filter through so many selections of wedding dresses, venues, door gifts, and even the bridemaids! At suitable intervals, signified by an inability to think in a "straight line" or constant irritability, take time off for yourself. Whether it is a walk in the woods, a trip to the book store or relaxing at the spa, this will help you regain your decision making skills in no time!

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Step 3: Wedding List

Planning for a wedding is not as easy! One important strategy we have learned, is to prepare your To-Do List and concerns. Then, it is useful to browse through different sections on PlanYourWedding, for example, to take a mental note on what you have left out! Instead of a fixed list that will restrict your planning, you could use your creativity to create a list with your fiance in order to plan for a dream wedding within your budget.

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Step 4: When there is a Will, there is a Way

Trust us! We have seen too many weddings not to know that "when there is a will, there is a Way". There are creative ways to make do with misarrangements or mistakes in your wedding planning. Be reassured that you could always scout for solutions by referring to your friends or just drop our list of vendors a message for their free advice! The answers are in your hands. 

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Step 5: Test Runs

Test runs or having a first look of your preferred wedding look will definitely reduce the stress of not dressing your best. Take all the time you need to have a dress fitting, hair-do, and little parade down the aisle to be reasured that this is the wedding look that you love most! Do take note though, that your favourite wedding dress may not fit you the best. It would, at times, be useful to heed the advice of your wedding dress vendors and trying a few more variation of the dresses that you look vs. those that look good on you. Walk down the runway as many times as you would love to and shake off those wedding jitters!

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