5 Energizing Stag Night Out

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Conventional stag night out are TRANSFORMING! And dare we say, for the better! Grooms of today and his friends are opting for exiting bonding time with their friends to celebrate the last night of Bachelorhood. We have listed 5 stimulating stag night activities for a memorable and great time with your friends!

“Adventure is Out There”

Adventure sports currently tops as stag night activities. In such events, the groom and his friends will opt to spend the day or weekend on sports, for example dirt bike riding, off-road 4x4 courses or ATV adventures. This adventure may be slightly costly, but the adrenaline rush will definitely imprint very precious memories for many years to come!

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Under The Sea

Scuba diving is another increasingly popular stag night activity. Normally, you would need to contact a scuba diving academy and decide on the package and venue. Firstly, you will be taught on basic diving skills in the pool. The afternoon is then set aside for the first open water dive. At the end of the lesson, all divers will get a valuable certificate from the academy.

Hit the Road

Bring out your camera, camping gadgets, get a map out and choose a scenic route, for example from a day spent on the hills at Bukit Tinggi to the Elephant Sanctuary in Kuala Gandah, moving on to Cherating situated at the East Coast of Malaysia, dropping by at the Pahang National Park and Lake Kenyir. Be spontaneous and go wherever the road takes you! Spontaneously stop along the way at any road-side stalls or eateries that may interest you, snap a lot of photos together!

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Racing to the Altar

Friendly competitions between friends are great ways to bond and feel good about each other’s talents. It could be a triathlon combination of relay race, cycling, running and swimming. The day ends with a “Prize Giving Ceremony” with secret winner being the groom or even the last that reaches the line! This is not a serious affair at all and aimed at being a bit boisterous with competitive fun like in the good ol’ days!

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Game On(line)

If physical activity is not your thing, there is always the Wii consoles that will gladly host any event that you like, from the ATP Tennis World Tour, World Cup to Olympics. To add on to the fun, scout for the largest screen you can get your hands on or even better – rent a projector and project the images onto a wall. What’s next? Step right into the action, mates!

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Current stag night out emphasises celebrating one’s last day of Bachelorhood with friends and family. Having quality time by far outstrips booze-filled parties. Lastly, be reminded to do a little research on your options and set a budget before putting together a day or even weekend of fun to remember for a lifetime!

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