5 Best Ways to Throw a Classy Wedding on a Budget

Getting married is one of the most important life-changing events in our life, and many people tend to blow tens of thousands (often borrowed money) on their wedding.

If you can afford a luxurious wedding and still have a good life ahead of you, good for you. For those of you who do not have RM20,000 to spend on your wedding, don’t be so quick to turn to personal loans. Have a look at the tips below to learn how you can throw a memorable, posh-looking and epic wedding on a budget.

5 Best Ways to Throw a Classy Wedding on a Budget

1). Get creative with your venue selection, the most memorable and unique weddings aren’t always in banquet halls. Choose a location with a lot of character like Lake Gardens or rent spaces at local beaches, botanical gardens or historical sites. You can even consider renting a vacation home on Airbnb for a cheaper option.

2). Minimise your guest listand take full control of it no matter what your parents or future in-laws say. You do NOT need long lost distant family members at your wedding. If you can, keep the number of guests to 100 or 150. You’ll save a ton of money and planning your wedding will be a breeze with the shorter guest list.

3). Serve homemade food and drinks. Catering food can be a hit or miss, and it’s a lot cheaper (and fun) to prepare your own food along with your family members and friends. There’s a traditional Malay practise called ‘rewang’where family members, neighbours and friends bring ingredients and cook for the wedding to ease the newly-wed’s financial burden.

So if it saves you money, bring back the old tradition and get your family and friends to sponsor the ingredients and manpower your wedding. Besides, it’s easier to cook and cater for your guests now that your wedding invitation list is shorter.

4) DIY wedding decorations and invitation. It’s cheaper, environmental friendly, and it adds a personal touch to your wedding décor. Look for ideas and inspirations from DIY websites online such as Country Living or Real Simple.

5 Best Ways to Throw a Classy Wedding on a Budget

5) Ask favours from your family and friends instead of asking for wedding gifts, this is how you can save your ringgit from having to pay for wedding photographer, videographer, cake-baker, wedding gift-maker, music player, wedding decorator… You get the idea.

Of course, all these frugal wedding ideas will not be doing you any good if you spend a bomb on wedding presents for your partner, fancy designer wedding dress or expensive honeymoon. Go minimal on your wedding and save money for your future with your partner. There will be a lot of expenses involved when you start a life together, and you don’t want to start your marriage with a high debt knocking on your door!

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