25 Unconventional Wedding Bands

In the last wedding ring review, we have compiled a list of25 unconventional engagement rings. This time, for a twist away from the conventional plain gold or platinum wedding bands to wear for the rest of your lives, newlyweds who fancy the unconventional may now surprise each other with these unique wedding rings. If the both of you love designs that are bold and eccentric, here are 25 of the most unique wedding rings that you’ll both love!

Photo by Big Day Studio

1. Our hearts are ONE - Eumayco Jewellery

A matching pair that forms ONE love together, an eternal symbol of love and a reminder of commitment and trust, no matter how far apart we are.

2. Unity - Diamond & Platinum

Symbols of two souls unite and intertwined, a romantic design for couples who fancy a twist out of the norm.

3. Chequered Love - Diamoney Global

For the chess players and strategists in us! Check mate!




4. Sign your promise - OE Fine Jewellery

What better ways to mark ever lasting love than to sign it on your wedding bands? 


5. Titanium Love (Approximately RM 350) – Etsy

Perfect for couples who love understated yet unique wedding bands, this beauty is crafted from titanium and the inside of the band is polished for absolute comfort.

6. Twig Band (Approximately RM 560) – Etsy

If you share a love for fantasy films, these sterling silver bands are for you. Comes in a pair, one ring is a simple band formed from a single delicate branch and the other is a double band in dark silver. Together, they represent the eternal Elvish bond.

7. Elvish Marriage (Approximately RM 2,700) - Etsy

The sentance engraved on the rings in elvish means this in english:
“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone.” – Arwen, which makes them perfect as wedding bands for all "Lord of the Rings" lovers!

8. Feather Rings (Approximately RM 450) – Etsy

Doves, the symbol of peace. If you share the same value of respect and peace practised in your communion, solidify your commitment to each other with these unique handmade feather wedding rings.

9. Rose Gold Promise Ring (Approximately RM 2,500) – Etsy  

One love, two rings. We’re in love with these matching rose gold bands.

10. Tree of Life Sterling Bands (Approximately RM 450) – Etsy

Perfect for grooms who shy away from polished jewellery, these rings are made of solid sterling silver and carved with the Tree of Life, a symbol of growth together with nuture.

11. Twist Ring (Approximately RM290) – 22 Design Studio

This geometrical pattern of the Twist ring is created with one simple piece of concrete, moulded into five layers, each rotated five degrees. The result? Minimalistic and elegant bands that suits both bride and groom.

12. Filigree Set (Approximately RM 11,000) - Etsy

This filigree set has a delicate sapphire filigree band for her, and men's diamond band, that matches the women's ring perfectly. These rings are made from fine quality 14k Palladium white gold.

13. Personalised Love (Approximately RM 530) - Etsy

Personalized wedding bands are a great way to show off how special your love is. Customize these rings with hand stamped words from your song, your special date and more! The world is your oyster with handmade silver wedding bands!

14. Husband & Wife (Approximately RM 520) - Etsy

The perfect set of rings that spell it out!

15. King & Queen (Approximately RM 210) - Etsy

This is the perfect set for any king and queen! 

16. Titanium and Wood Bands (Approximately RM 860) - Etsy

For the nature lovers, the Titanium and Wood bands are a perfect combination of strength and nature to signify your love for each other.

17. Eco-friendly (Approximately RM 1,050) - Etsy

For couples who are environmentally conscious, these rings are eco-friendly and sustainable, made from sustainable sources. The silver and gold used are recycled and from non-mined sources. The diamond also used is 100% certified conflict free.

18. Italian White Gold Rubies (Approximately RM 6,230) - Etsy

Luxurious and rich, we find this modern Italian 14K White Gold Rubies Wedding Band Set a statement of style that is sure to delight the most discerning taste. 

19. Infinity Knot (Approximately RM 5,000) - Etsy

Classic Knotwork with details. Continuous knots symbolize a love without end.

20. Starry Starry Night (Approximately RM 850) - by Etsy

Skies above, Earth below. Blue Box Elder is deliriously gorgeous. Gentle streams of blue gather around around pale yellow sunbursts. This unisex band is a nod to the great work of Van Gogh - fine art around your ring finger! 

21. Scallop Edge (Approximately RM 5,900) - by Satomi Kawakita

Unique curvey design for a minimalist yet fashinable style. We love the uniqueness of how the designer derived his inspiration from scallops! 

22. Meteorite Palladium Ring (Approximately RM 4,300) - by Etsy

Talk about loving someone more than the stars in the sky! As meteorite stones are incredibly old and rare, this ring would be a real symbol of something everlasting, much like the love for your significant other.


23. EYE Love You (Approximately RM 8,800) - by Etsy

State of the art, luxurious and rich style. We love the intricately carved diamonds like the the apple of my eye!

24. Woods (Approximately RM 640) - Etsy

Oaks are very dense durable timbers and make for perfect long lasting wood rings.

25. Leave Me Not (Approximately RM 640) - Etsy

Crafted in recycled and sustainable sterling silver, and made using the imprint of a genuine sage leaf. Perfect for nature lovers deep in love!

Did you like our compilation? Which is your favourite ring? If you have seen other unique rings, please share with us in the comment section!









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