10 Wedding Budget DOs and DON'Ts

Planning for an important event such as a wedding isn't quite as simple as trying to pay the minimal amount for every cost. We've come up with 10 fundamental rules to take care of both your long and short-term budget planning. These tips should save us from weeks of worry and stress, and leave us plenty more time to focus on family expectations and the guest lists.

1. Set a Budget

Firstly, you need to evaluate both of your current financial statuses. Secondly, decide on a disposable amount of cash that can be readily used to set up the wedding. Thirdly, list down the items and services required for a basic wedding and select potential vendors to request for a series of quotations. Finally, if you have additional budget, consider saving them for emergency or add on to your current budget.

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2. No Debt

We understand that weddings can be a costly affair, but never ever consider going taking a loan and later going into debt to pay for it. If you would love to have a lavish affair, consider the options of throwing an intimate ceremony or postponing the reception of your dreams until you can save up enough to pay for it.

3. No Credit Card & Personal Loans

Credit card and personal loans come with high interest rates and finance charges that end up costing hundreds, or even thousands of Ringgit. It is advisable to set a budget for your dream wedding and save up sufficient cash before your get married.

4. It is Best to Overestimate

This applies to everything, from the number of guests, to the cost of wedding gifts and favours, or even the decorations, underestimating your cost is the quickest way to land yourself in debt. To be safe, include at least 10 to 20% on top of the allocated budget.

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5. Never Be Afraid To Negotiate

Although this applies to almost every wedding vendor, venue managers tend to be the most flexible. If you offer to increase the number of guests from the baseline offered by the venue manager, this will help to reduce the cost per plate. Similarly, if you intend to set a venue that is beyond your budget, it is worth informing the venue manager if it would be possible to subtract any additional decorations, such as seat covers. However at the end of the day, it is important to remember that you have to be flexible with your expectations - even bargaining has its limits.

6. Check for Extra Costs

Look out for hidden charges and try to remove any unnecessary upgrades. This applies to items like fancy chair covers, table linens, cutlery and crockery, generally speaking.

Venue by Alila Manggis

7. Rent Instead Of Buy

Chances are it would be challenging to dress up as a bride in other occasions. Rent your dresses and jewelleries instead of buying them. This will not only reduce wastage but it will definitely cut down on unnecessary budgets to be placed into other better segments!

8. Deal with the Vendors Directly

Deal with the vendors of your choice directly for the best price. Vendors are generally very willing to work around your budget and provide better recommendations based on your needs.

Wedding Favors & Gifts by The Arthara Wedding

9. Shop Around For Everything

Often vendors will lower their prices to match a quotation offered by their competitors. This may take extra time, but saving costs is hard work.

10. Do Your Research About Timing

Normally, there is a premium for venues used on Saturday nights and special days. Therefore, you may reduce your costs by placing a booking on days other than these special days. However, it is important to discuss about these dates with both families before deciding. 

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A budget-friendly wedding is not  a stingy effort, but it enables us to make informed choices with our preference within a suitable budget. Some newlyweds prefer a smaller reception so that they will not bring debts into their marriage. For those who want to have a wedding of their dreams and not end up landing in debts the moment they say, “I do”, these tried-and-trues, fail-safe methods to all possible aspects of wedding planning are the perfect solutions for you.



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