10 Unique Wedding Bridal Bouquets

Today’s wedding trend sees more young brides holding not just traditional, but also non-conventional hand bouquets down the aisle. Here are some beautiful and creative floral ideas, some of our favourite picks! 

Bead it!

Planning for a vintage themed wedding? This exquisite pearl bouquet will complement your wedding gown perfectly. The best thing with this bouquet is that it lasts for a lifetime as a fine piece of decoration! 

Hand bouquet by Pastelicious

Brooch Bouquet

This could be a simple DIY project or alternatively you may work with your favourite florist to design a personalised brooch bouquet. A combination of fresh flowers and your beautiful brooches brings out the character of you in your wedding and definitely goes well with your wedding gown.

Hand bouquet by Style Library

Scrabble Tiles

This nerdy yet chic bouquet (see more photos here) adds a personal touch to a tradditional flower bouquet. What’s great is that you can personalise it to form the word you want!

Paper Pinwheels

Perfect for a carnival or funfair themed wedding, this is a colourful bouquet will invoke happy childhood memories in all of your guests!

Hand bouquet by Wedding & You


One of our vendors took creativity to a next level by sewing colourful pieces together to make a hand bouquet. If you're in for a fun and candy-themed wedding, this may very well be your choice of bouquet! Work with your florist or designer to create a bouquet that best suits the theme colour of your wedding, as well as your gown.

Hand bouquet by Favors Essence

Map your Love

This is another creative idea for a vintage themed wedding - paper bouquet made of maps. It is also a creative way to showcase your love for travel with this bouquet made from paper maps available atEtsy.

Hand bouquet by Hbixby Artworks

Crystal Bouquet

If you love crystal elements, then this is the hand bouquet that you are looking for. Our vendor carefully assembles pink crystals with thin metal pieces to turn into this beautiful hand bouquet. This is definitely a special hand bouquet that will match your evening gown!

Hand bouquet by Pastelicious

Assorted Green Flowers Ribbon Bouquet

This green ribbon bouquet suits an environmental-friendly themed wedding. The fine detailing of the bouquet, especially the spiralling ribbon definitely excites us!

Hand bouquet by Pastelicious

Butterfly Bouquet

A symbol of renewal and joy in life, this beautiful piece is perfect for outdoor and nature-themed weddings. Plus, it’s so easy to make (instructionshere)!  

Hand bouquet by Martha Steward

White Ribbon Roses Bouquet

If you would like to have roses that last forever, this simple yet elegant white ribbon roses will definitely thrill you!

Hand bouquet by La Fearies Wedding

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