Happy Hen Night Sleepover

A “hen night” or “Bachelorette’s Party” is a party or celebration by the bride-to-be together with her good friends. Celebrating this special day with your best friends can be a wonderful bonding experience! Hen night ideas include high tea, cupcake parties or group pampering for the ultimate indulgence. We feel that nothing beats spending the night together though! Here are some tips for a hen night sleepover for a memorable night with your friends!

Minimal Guests

Depending on the space you have at home, we would recommend having less than ten friends over for your sleepover hen night. This makes it easier to handle the logistics that includes sleeping space and food to be prepared, also cleaning up the aftermath!

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Setting the Mood

Dim lighting is the key for a sleepover party. Decorate your rooms with romantic lights, lanterns or votive candles. Also remember to compile a playlist that comprises music that will get everyone into the sleepover party mood! We suggest: the 90s boy bands, the Millennium rock bands like Jon Bon Jovi or Linkin Park; or even Disney soundracks, if you are a big fan!

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Food and Drinks

Solve the food bit by either ordering from your favourite local caterer or get everyone involved with for a potluck! If you prefer the latter, we would advise that you get a list on what food items each is bringing, so that you would have enough time to chip in on getting the chips and other titbits. To surprise your friends, set up a chocolate fondue together with a varieties of dippables like marshmallows or fresh fruits! You may also opt for a cake stand full of cupcakes for dessert.

Things To Do

What better way to kick off your hen night than having a pampering session?  Have your hall scented with Lemongrass essential oil, prepare scented face masks, luscious hand creams and nail polish for everyone. [Note: If any of your friends have sensitive, have them to bring their own cosmetic products]

After that, turn off the lights and play a movie! From Disney Pixar's "Up", Chick-flicks like “Fifty First Dates” or horror movies like Stephen King’s “It”, they will definitely enjoy re-watching a good movie and laughing or screaming out together!

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Dress Code

Since it is a sleepover, get everyone to bring their pyjamas, sleeping bags and pillow if you don’t have enough at home. You may even order personalised pyjamas for everyone to keep as a reminder of your hen night!


Remember to have your camera around to record all of your happy moments. The photos can be printed and sent to your guests as a memento of the night. We also suggest making a “Hen Night Photo Scrapbook” to remember your special sleepover!

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Finally, remember to arrange for Breakfast to be prepared on the next morning. You may prepare croissants and hot coffee the night before or also get your food vendor to prepare a nice meal for you and your friends.

Thank You Gifts

Plan ahead to prepare DIY Thank-You gift packs of special keepsakes, sweet treats or pampering items for everyone. They will definitely appreciate such a thoughtful gesture!

Gifts and Favours by Wedding and You

A hen night sleepover is a simple and meaningful way to celebrate your wedding together with your best friends. This is perfect for the more reserved brides-to-be. Have more tips on planning for a hen night sleepover? Please share with us at the comment section below.

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