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About Us

R.O.Memories has the first garden style solemnization (ROM) venue in Johor Bahru (JB). Over years of experience, we have helped more than 100 couples to fulfill their dream garden wedding.

Our past clients continue to sing our praises, letting us know that their experience with R.O.Memories were beyond what they expected to be.

Other than our garden, our newly open studio at Taman Gaya offers pre-wedding bridal shooting and actual day photo shooting for couples as wel.

We provide the couple personalized attention and establish a detailed timeline of their big day so that they can enjoy their romantic moments without hassle.

Our Portfolios

LOVE Bug: Volkswagen Vintage Cars

LOVE Bug: Volkswagen Vintage Cars

created at 23 Nov, 2014
Volkswagen was formed in 1937 and its name translated as meaning the "people's car", sparked by the state-sponsored idea to produce a car that the typical German could afford. The love bugs at PlanYourWedding have caught [...]

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Thumbs up for YY, Wan Hua, Alex, Vivi and the entire R.O.Memories team. You guys are too awesome and helpful who made our dream ROM and wedding come true! Thank you so much ♥

I have been looking for a Garden Style wedding, a romantic and relaxing kind of wedding where the guests can cheers and wandering around for small catch up. R.O.Memories had fulfilled all my dream and even beyond my expectations The photos itself could never express the beauty of the location and decoration, you have to be there to experience the romantic atmosphere in real. Even our photographer and videographer were impressed with our ROM ceremony and romantic wedding dinner.

In fact, alot of the ideas came to mind quite last minute. However, YY and her team were able to fulfilled all my requirements and even gave me their professional suggestions. I had such a romantic and touching ROM, thanks for giving me such a wonderful evening. Kudos to Vivi as you're such an awesome host who manage to control the whole ROM and dinner well.

I have also received alot of good feedbacks from my guests saying that the foods and desserts were way too delicious. People used to have some perception on having buffet for wedding dinner. However, this time round, i think R.O.Memories managed to change my guests' mindset. Buffet dinner can be delicious as well (:

I would definitely recommend the newly wed couple to held your ROM and wedding dinner at R.O.Memories, the atmosphere is way too romantic and awesome ♥

Say Wei Tan

Say Wei Tan Reviewed 10 Jan, 2017

Kudos to Vivi, Alex and the entire team who made our dream wedding a reality! For starters, my husband and I were never ones to succumb to commonality, thus we knew exactly how we wanted our ideal wedding to be. What surprised us was that a place like R.O.Memories actually existed in a city where I have lived my whole life. And we are so glad that we did not back out on our decision despite it not being a typical Chinese banquet venue. We fell in love with the place in its entirety; the ambience gave us and our guests the romantic "love-is-in-the-air" feeling we all desired. Our guests were definitely impressed, for it was surely a wedding like no other. And we have no one else to show our heartfelt appreciation to but you guys. Regardless of our unusual requests, demands, whims and fancies, you guys still gave us nothing short of excellence and that means everything to us. Thank you Vivi and Alex for being so attentive and thoughtful during the full event, helping us to deal with minor hiccups and always reminding us to eat :P The food was great as well, and that completed our wedding memory with perfection. We are blessed to have found such awesome friendships in you both, and for that we are grateful. Thank you once again! :)

Elaine Jacelyn Chai

Elaine Jacelyn Chai Reviewed 24 Nov, 2016

Thanks Alex for gave us a nice photoshot experience. We went through together the hot sun, night shoot and drank the salt sea water..hehee.. Kelvin and I love the island and the nature scene of the island have been captured by your camera. These photo and memory will be staying with us with our marriage! Cheers ^^


HL Ng Reviewed 27 May, 2014


Egnest Chew

Egnest Chew Reviewed 11 Apr, 2014

Thanks for catching what we want in Jack & Sharleen r.o.m !!!
Yer ♡♡♡
Love it so much ♡♡♡

Colene Au

Colene Au Reviewed 13 Jan, 2014

Dear Mr. Tomato, thanks your arrangement for my wedding day. There were many excellent feedbacks from my guests. Nice decor, touching and romantic ambience! All had enjoyed in my wedding ^_^ We have no make the wrong choice for our wedding. This is a awesome and unforgettable night. Thanks and appreciated to what you and your teams did for my wedding. Thumb up to R.O.Memories !!!

HuiRu Ckk

HuiRu Ckk Reviewed 05 Nov, 2013

A very big Thanks to Romemories crew and Alex.
So Happy to held our rom ceremony at such a romantic and touching ambiance. We really Enjoy it

Sharleen Sharleen Au

Sharleen Sharleen Au Reviewed 13 Oct, 2013

来到了R.O.Memories 的门口按了门铃进了门,店主就说真幸运刚好有人在(平时是需要预约的),就开始介绍细节了。哇,比想象中来得不简单。。。突然说有个新计划说要在沙滩上搞搞头,还满新鲜的,不过最好是在三月。(我才刚想年底注册而已老兄。。)看了看女友的反应,就说考虑考虑。回到家做了个预算案;而且还要问下老人的意见。可老人一听了就OK...(比我们还急)。_x000D_
一个月前,因为事情比想象的快,准备了注册表格回去了注册局呈交,过后也去了R.O.Memories问了沙滩ROM还有机会吗。谢天啊,还没人拿,我们还是第一个。又看了女友的反应!就是这次了。。。交了订金,谈了计划,准备功夫什么的,原来新人什么都不用准备,人到就行了(当然要戴戒指)。OK, 接下来就等那天的到来。这段时间等待的心情不好过,心想这么快就要注册了。。人生。。。过得真快。。。我们也不时地跟店主讨论和跟进(毕竟是新的场所,准备功夫比较困难,店主辛苦了,也晒黑了)。_x000D_
几天前,那天到来了。来到了现场,吃了一惊,他们布置得比我想象的来得更美,真的他们为我们这对新人下足了功夫。看了看食物,wow... 也比想象中来得精致和可口(还有充满回忆的可口可乐小瓶装)。家人到了;朋友陆续到来,时间到了,仪式也开始了。过程中,司仪,摄像和摄影的合作无间,当然有让我们感动和尴尬的场面 (我成功让女友哭了...),朋友的作弄,丢花仪式, 完美的结束这浪漫的仪式。。。过程中,朋友自拍,吃喝,看样子很享受,还称赞这过程,场地很美。仪式后也开始在海边开始玩起来了,当然我也被丢下海。。。(被丢到内伤)。。。_x000D_
两个月内,完成了我人生中一个重要的事(我也吓了一跳)。我觉得我很幸运,能找到一个非常专业的团队来帮我完成比我想象中还要更好的ROM,我老婆也非常的感动 高兴和满意。。。(老实说我很喜欢她哭得那张照片><")这个团队付出的精力绝对比我多,我很敬佩,感觉得到你们当自己是当事人的处境来帮我们的。你们真的帮我们创造了非常难忘的回忆。写这么多只是想跟你们的团队分享我的感受,还有最重要的Eason Ng & Mandy Ng 至上最真诚的谢意谢谢你们,辛苦了。你们真的很棒!


Eason Reviewed 30 Nov, -0001

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